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****Official JN New York Jets vs New England Patriots Game Thread****

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"Hey look. We're only down 6, and we suck!" - Rex at Halftime BD

"We got a FG? YEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" - Rex/Sparano BD

"I don't like throwing into the endzone, but when I do, my guy is open, and the pass gets picked off..... Stay thirsty, my friends....." - Mark Sanchez BD

What's the point of using Sanchez as a decoy if every single time they're both on the field, Sanchez is a decoy? Like you have to run something else for a defense to bite on that being what it isn't. Unless Sparano is just trying to get him hurt, which in that case, by all means, keep up the good work Tony.

It is absolutely pointless. False hustle to quote Omar.

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Spranao really believed he had a shot winning with field goals.it's like this CS gets it's lunch stolen in Foxboro every year and learn nothing from it. If their run another 3rd down pass short of the stick someone better get fired.

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To review-if you attempt to trip the QB, no biggie. If you attempt to hold vs. the pats, penalty. WHAT BULLsh*t. ANOTHER SHORT PASS. WHY?

Come on, everyone knows that if the referees think you were trying to do something that you didn't do, that's totally a penalty... I mean, as long as the penalty is going in favor, not against, one of the league's favorite teams.

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