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****Official JN New York Jets vs New England Patriots Game Thread****

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"Hey look. We're only down 6, and we suck!" - Rex at Halftime BD

"We got a FG? YEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" - Rex/Sparano BD

"I don't like throwing into the endzone, but when I do, my guy is open, and the pass gets picked off..... Stay thirsty, my friends....." - Mark Sanchez BD

Let's hear it for the line. Great job pass blocking. This game was lost when moron Sparano called a pass on 3rd and 1 from the 2 when we were running it down their throats.

Lot's of reasons....Hill's drop...Sanchez missed wide open TD, the fumbles and the defense not getting that last stop in 4th. The same 6-10 guys will blame the QB however.

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That one really ****ing hurt. A collective effort to **** that up, that game was too ****ing winnable. The kick return, some of the play calls, the flags, the hill drop, the Cro drop, the 3 man rush and that ****ing QB.

They eat your ****ing soul these Jets. **** the lot of them.

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The defense couldn't hold

The offense couldn't move.

A Jets football game.....


Get a clue man. D played great against the best O in the league. Don't forget about the KO return. Offensive playcalling was suspect to say the least. And 6 blows.

Your stupid ass quotes didn't help either.

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