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I can't take it

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We need to stop people like Greengal from posting when they are hammered.

I mean lesbian posts? Cmon. What guy on a football board is going to be interested in reading about lesbian stuff. Geez. :twisted:

i am not hammered! tipsy.... hey and what are you talking about Lesbian posts :shock:

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I deleted them all.

Greengal: Oh 514, we should tailgate someday.

514: That sounds great, I love the Jets.

Greengal: I will bring the shrimp kabobs.

514: Whatever, I just want to watch the game.

Greengal: Yeah sure, I will give you a backrub too.

514: Okay you are scaring me now.

Greengal: Call me on my celly.

Greengal there is no place for this on a football message board. Guys are offended by lesbian speak.

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