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Bobby V or Ozzie G: bigger disappointment in 2012?


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  1. 1. who had a more disappointing year?

    • Bobby V
    • Ozzie G

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Ozzie: made Castro comments that enraged at least a third of Miami plus went through 15 losses in 17 games

Bobby V: alienated Youk and said his Sept roster was the worst team ever fielded in MLB history

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Ozzie was.

They stacked that team and added a big name latin manager so they could sell out every game on their way to the world series. He screwed up early and lost his clubhouse not too long after that.

Bobby V was set up for failure. Given a team that wasnt improved over the previous year, with an owner and GM looking towards the future and decreasing salary to below the luxury tax level. Bobby did a lot of sh!t wrong, but most of it was because of the sneaky ownership trying to get someone else to take the blame. And bobby took it well. If for one second you really believe the Youk issue wasnt coming from management you are blind.

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