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NY Jets Injury Update 10/24


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Here are some injury updates from Rex Ryan’s press conference on Wednesday.

On if McKnight injured himself more at New England…
No, I think it’s just pre-existing. It probably got sore because of the fact he did play on it. I think it’s pretty sore and he has that boot on right now.

On how Pace got hurt…
That was from the game. He got hit in the shin. I think he got kicked in the shin. It swelled up pretty good. I think he’ll play, but it’s a pretty nasty looking thing.

On if Cumberland can play against Miami…
I think so. We’ll see. As the week goes on, we’ll see about that, but right now he’s out.

On Po’uha’s status against Miami…
The fact he’s limited, I think, as the week progresses, we’ll see. He’s out there giving it a shot this week, so we’ll see.

On McKnight’s toughness…
Absolutely, he’s a tough guy. Let’s face it. Last year, he had a hyperextended elbow, and then he had a shoulder separation, and he played in the game. He still played. He is a tough guy. There’s no doubt. Was I surprised that he gave it a shot? Not really, knowing Joe. But the fact that he did, I think showed all of his teammates the kind of commitment and toughness that he has.

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