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NFL players vote Jets QBs Tebow, Sanchez most overrated (merged)


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NFL players vote Jets QBs Tebow, Sanchez most overrated

The Jets quarterback depth chart is flipped in at least one place.

In a NFL players poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow was named the most overrated player in the league while starter Mark Sanchez was tied for second with the Cowboys’ Tony Romo.

Tebow was also tops in this poll last year when 22 percent of players voted for him and that’s when he was in the midst of leading the Broncos to the playoffs. This season he has seen little time in the Jets Wildcat package and plenty of time as a punt protector and his disapproval rating among the 180 players asked went up to an overwhelming 34 percent. Sanchez and Romo received 8 percent of the votes each.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick came in fourth and injured Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis rounded out the top five. The magazine was released on newsstands on Thursday.


Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/jetsblog/nfl_players_vote_jets_qbs_tebow_dHe7n5zryRXBUmnAYdzdXP#ixzz2AK2sBfsc

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How can someone be overrated when most of the free-thinking world seems to believe that he's awful? (This applies to both Tebow and Sanchez)

The media still sucks Tebow off endlessly so I can get that. Sanchez, on the other hand, I have no idea unless they're basing it on the opinions of pac and smash. Either way, it's depressing as all hell when your team has not just one, but two QBs topping this list.

This friggin' team.

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I always wonder the definition of "overrated" people are going by whenever they do these things. If by "overrated" they mean "deserves way less attention than they get due to a media manufactured QB controversy" then yeah, way overrated. If by overrated they mean "overstated ability" then (as others stated) who overrates Sanchez besides the Jets? And who overrates Tebow besides the Jets and his weirdly obsessive devoted fanbase?

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