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McElroy's arm is weaker than Pennington's. I like the kid, but Tebow gives us the best shot to win. He can extend plays by running AND he doesnt' turn the ball over often. He also has enough arm strength to make use of our big speed receivers. That's at least worth something more than all of Sanchez's 3-and-outs and costly turnovers.

The worst you can say about Tebow is he's an innacurate passer. The worst you can say about Sanchez is he makes bad decisions, is a slow processer, has a bad attitude, AND is an inaccurate passer.

With McElroy, we'd probably get a glorified Brooks Bollinger. Plus he's probably still in Rex's doghouse after all this time so don't expect us to go straight to our 3rd stringer anytime soon.

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