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SouthernJet Review: 'Flight' (4/5)..Great Human drama


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'Flight' is the new Denzel Washington (Directed by Robert Zemeckis) movie that will be the big money maker this month.

It's a taught drama that focuses on the human condition of family and frailty.

Zemeckis is brilliant by showing us in scene one what we are dealing with.

Denzel is a seasoned Air Pilot and as you see in the trailers, he pilots a flight that ends in a crash. This is where the story starts.

From here we see the dominoes fall as ramifications of that crash and it's ensuing NTSB investigation take place.

It;s a journey of demons and new beginnings.

Very well written script that delivers a Home Run Movie experience.




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Saw this tonight. 2/3rds of it is really strong, but it felt like the final third was written by someone else entirely. Good flick overall, just gets a little preachy-ghey in the final stretch.

I will agree there, but you know what Tom,, I said to my wife in beginning of flick 'the way they start out with booze scene, 'may' make it hard to end strong'

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