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Best Bets week 10

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Last week 2-1 14-12-1 overall 5-4 best bet and 5-4 upset special

Best Bet

Texans p1 over Bears

Honorable Mention

Broncos -3.5 vs Panthers

Parlay Pick

Giants -3.5 vs Bengals

upset special

Titans over Dolphins

Will bar hop in Chicago this Sunday then attend the Bears - Texans game -- should be a blast

Go Jets and good luck with all your picks this week.

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2-1 again 16-13-1 overall 6-4 best bet and upset special

need to stop picking the Giants

How the Bengals pulled that game out of their a$$es I do not know. Lose to the Browns, lose to the Dolphins, beat the defending champions.

I don't get it.

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