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the last time i bet on the jets

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besides this year,was the 1998 championship game.i found a sucker to give me 9- 1/2 points against denver and even odds with the vikings(he took atlanta)what a suckers bet.too bad i coulnt find 10 other guys.i coulda retired.the bet was $2500 .i was laughing and counting all week.well, we all know how that turned out. i shouted i would never bet on the jets,ever,ever, again. fast forward to this year.wasnt planning on betting on the jets,but got into a debate with a local who said the jets would suck.specifically on defense.i figured,like most,the defense would be what the jets leaned on,especially with better safties and our new qb killer in couples.rex has never been outside of the top 6 in his career.so we go top 1,3,5.right? so i make the bet that the jets would have a top 10 defense every week.actually, a beer a week was the bet.starting to think i am the sucker.any takers?

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