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Classic TV vs Reality TV mafia - basic game


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Each of you (town) is a classic TV show. You run on an “oldies” station, but there is a group who want to cancel you all and replace you with reality TV. You need to find the reality shows and kick them out of the network. Each day, you will choose a show to cancel. Each night, the Reality shows will cancel one of you. Good luck!

Roles may include any from this list:

Goon (vanilla mafia)









Backup cop

Vanilla town

Serial Killer

I will need someone to help with the vote counts in the mornings. If you want long scenes full of funny, one of you will have to offer to help me. My scenes are generally short and not so funny.

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You may not quote any part of any private communication I have with you. This includes PM’s, QT boards, or IM convos.

You may not edit your posts. You may now edit your posts.

This is a hammer game. When the hammer vote is cast, I stop counting votes and unvotes. Period.

This is a coroner game. Upon a character’s death (unless it is by random lynch) you will be given their name, character, and alignment. If I have to random lynch, you will only be given their name.

Votes and unvotes need to be bolded.

You must unvote before voting again.

If no majority is reached by the deadline, I will kill a random player. Note, I did NOT say a non-voter. You will all be in jeopardy. And you will not get coroner info on them.

No talking off thread unless you have been given a QT board.

You may reveal your TV show if you like.

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1. Basel Gill, The Dukes of Hazzard, vanilla townie, cancelled day 3

2. Leelou

3. Verbal, American Idol, mafia goon, cancelled night 1

4. Madhatter, Happy Days, vanilla town, cancelled day 1

5. Cindy

6. Ishy

7. Crusher, The Brady Bunch, vanilla townie, cancelled night 2

8. Integrity28

9. Sakaea, Gilligan's Island, vanilla town, cancelled night 1

10. SMC, The Dick Van Dyke Show, vanilla town, cancelled night 2

11. 80

12. JiF, The Biggest Loser, mafia roleblocker, cancelled day 2

13. AVM, The Andy Griffith Show, town cop, cancelled night 3

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