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Classic TV vs Reality TV mafia - basic game


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i'm really liking the whiskey again... and the TQ.

i was enjoying the vodka for a while but... really did a number on my brain so...

oh, wine and port are very nice as well.

cannot dis-recommend the absinthe more stringently though.... really really nasty business.

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God this lobby desktop is a POS. Space bar only works half the time, and it only has any decent speed if you only have one tab at a time. Andfor some reason I can't remotely ****ing fathom, they only put IE on it, noother browsers.

bless you for trying, dear

craving human interaction.... no idea why.

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and still, you can't stop reacting can you?

that's,why you;re so easily played by someone like SCM... you know it was obvious to anyone else he was ****ing with you.

why wasn't it obvious to you?

you;re a mafia genius, and you let yourself be manipulated like that?

is it some kind of strategy?

Selling SMC's play now as "****ing with me", when it was you he took pressure off of with his play.

I'm not interested in the rest of what you have to say.

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