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Classic TV vs Reality TV mafia - basic game


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I28 (1) – Basel

Sakaea (1) – Leelou

Hatter (6) – SMC, I28, Crusher, 80, Ishy, Verb

JiF (2) – Hatter, Cindy

Leelou (2) – JiF, AVM

Not voting – Sakaea

With 13 alive it takes 7 to lynch. Deadline Tuesday 5PM MST/7PM EST

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I find it more interesting that immediately after I took the pressure off JIF, he stopped thinking I was scum and voted for ****ing Leelou.

OMG!!!! I will ring your ****ing lying word twisting monkey neck you cock sucker!!!!

I still think you're scum. I was pounding the grass with Leelou. You are die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I exclusively date cougars. My ex and current....both cougars.

What kind of cougar are we talking here? Age 30-35 is the sexual prime for women. Mraaaow.

too old for you, son.

but... having been there I can tell you... not even close. I was much less... um...


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