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Classic TV vs Reality TV mafia - basic game


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80, write us a scene, would you? I'll write one, too, of course, but yours are so entertaining. Mine - not so much.

Sakaea (1) – Leelou

Hatter (7) – SMC, I28, Crusher, 80, Ishy, Verb, Basel

JiF (2) – Hatter, Cindy

Leelou (2) – JiF, AVM

Not voting – Sakaea

With 13 alive it takes 7 to lynch.

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“Which one of you is Reality TV? SMC, I think you are,” said one of the shows.

“Naw, I’m the Dick Van Dyke show. Ya know, cuz I’m a dick.”

“I think it’s the Ape,” shouted another one of you.

“He’s just an a$$hole,” countered AVM. “He might be a scummy a$$hole, but he’s definitely an ass.”

“And you’re my bitch,” said the Ape. “I’m the greatest player who ever lived.”

“Hatter is the one!” another of you exclaimed.

Several of you nodded. Not waiting for Hatter to have his say, Basel sent the letter to the network asking them to cancel him. Happy Days became not so happy as the show was cancelled.


Hatter, Happy Days, roleless/vanilla town has been cancelled.

It is now night - time for the infomercials that pay the bills. Please send your night actions in by Tuesday 5PM MST/7PM EST

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Despite what you've been led to believe, being a Notre Dame doesn't make you a limp-wristed, cock-loving homo.

That was being a Gators fan that you were thinking of, common mistake.

The luck of the Irish got you guys there but it wont get you the title.


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No, I don't know it because you're wrong idiot.

You're either scum who's laughing it up or arrogant town thinking you can't possibly be wrong. If you actually are town and are just an idiot, you'll just rationalize that it was my stupid play.

Oh and **** you

I've lost track of what the **** you are talking about.

I've never seen anyone so butt hurt about being caught by me AGAIN on day one. Oh wait, that's because you are the only one other than Nolder this has happened too.

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