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The Gun Of Bavaria

P.O.T.W. 11.21.2012

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In the case of the NY Jets one would modify that to read something along the lines of, "Which came first, the media-induced circus in the press or the player-induced circus in the clubhouse?"

In the case of the Jets, the media circus was a full-blown three ring operation the milisecond Tebow was brought on board and the Jets, with a season of lackluster play and clubhouse drama, have managed to help the press fill the circus tent to capacity.

From a performance point of view, Bart Scott has been a ghost this year, however I can't blame him or the others for being P.O'd at the press. The press has had an agenda for months and as dumb as the Jets are to have played into their hads, BroadwayJoe's post below has a good degree of truth to it.

The advent of Twitter, blogs, anonymous sources and everything else that is now considered "journalism" would make even the most-modest veteran journalist want to vomit.

Congrats BroadwayJoe12

BroadwayJoe12 Posted 18 November 2012 - 08:16 PM

Whatever man, I'm with Bart on this. He's been saying it since preseason; why should he or the team make the reporter's jobs easier when their sole intention is to tear them down by either twisting their words or cherry-pick a line from an entire interview designed to elicit those very types of responses. These guys aren't genius personal relation marketing reps, they are 20 and 30 year old professional athletes who just finished playing a brutal game where their adrenaline is at an extremely high level, yet it's these players who are acting unprofessional instead of the supposedly, level-headed unbiased journalists. It's like interviewing a Axl Rose, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page etc. after a two hour rock show and not expecting to hear "I'm gonna get laid tonight." You can tell the reporters that despise/are jealous of athletes and those who take their job serious and love what they do. Pretty obvious.

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