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Official NY Jets Game Thread (Patriots Edition)

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The New York Jets are home vs the despised New England Patriots. The Patriots are led by the cheater himself, Bill Belichick. 7'3" tight end Gronk is out. Here is the full game preview by Ron Pickett. If you want to read about some other players to watch here you go.

So enjoy your turkey and let's go Jets. They have to win this one to keep the season alive.

Since the Jets are trying to get back to basics an old school training video is in order:

If you can't make the game and you want to see us tailgate, here you go:

Let's go Jets! Beat the Patriots...

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Article from last month, but good fuel for the fire, LOL

Book: Stats say Patriots’ antics haven’t stopped after Spygate

  • Last Updated: 1:26 PM, October 21, 2012
  • Posted: 11:25 PM, October 20, 2012

The NFL might have long since moved on from the 2007 Spygate scandal, but at least one extremely determined fan has not — and he’s claiming Bill Belichick and the Patriots haven’t, either.

Bryan O’Leary has spent what the Dallas-based financial strategist estimates is $30,000 (and counting) to self-publish the book “Spygate: The Untold Story,” which alleges the Patriots’ videotaping was much more vital to their three Super Bowl victories than the NFL let on, and that getting exposed by the Jets hasn’t kept Belichick from continuing to engage in misconduct to this day.

The Patriots did not acknowledge a request for comment about the book by The Post. An NFL spokesman declined comment.

Citing no sources but using data he says was crunched by both a Ph.D. in statistics from China and a famed Vegas bookmaker, O’Leary insists that breaking the rules is the only way to explain New England’s incredible success at home since 2002, and especially in the six seasons since the taping scheme was uncovered.

Nevertheless, there has been no further official action by the league since the Spygate incident.

O’Leary, who grew up in Pittsburgh as a Steelers fan, claims a logical reading of those numbers means the Jets can expect to be yet another victim of skullduggery in today’s AFC East showdown at Gillette Stadium.

“You just cannot explain away all these statistical anomalies,” O’Leary said in a telephone interview this week. “The only thing that makes sense is that the Patriots are still cheating, and it’s especially obvious to anyone with a brain who looks at the numbers that they’re still cheating at home.”

Citing a 2007 ESPN report that the Patriots were accused of using a second radio frequency at home, O’Leary theorizes New England assistant Ernie Adams — one of the more mysterious figures in the league — still communicates with Tom Brady via that alternate frequency after Brady’s helmet microphone goes dead per NFL rules 15 seconds before the snap.

O’Leary also suggests the Patriots still could be using cameras to film opponents’ defensive signals at Gillette Stadium by hiding them in obscure places.

What isn’t in dispute is Belichick and the Patriots — despite a Week 2 loss to the Cardinals this season — remain practically untouchable at Gillette Stadium long after Spygate was uncovered.

Including playoff games, the Patriots are 34-7 (.829) at home since Spygate was uncovered after the 2007 season opener and 77-16 (.828) since 2002, numbers that are such huge statistical outliers in the NFL’s salary-cap era of parity that O’Leary says they can’t be attributed just to Belichick’s coaching skills and Brady’s quarterbacking.

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