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The Gun Of Bavaria

P.O.T.W. - 11.28.2012

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Well, it's hard to describe any specific week as a Jets fan as more brutal than another, but I think we can all agree that this past one made the Top 5.

There were a lot of great posts over the last week , many of which came from the heart. While it was hard to single one out versus the other, one post in particular was definitely the "People's Champion".

Congratulations to Bob, a/k/a Bob The Jets Fan, for this timeless classic.

**** the Patsies

An Original Poem by B.T. Jetsfan

**** the Patsies. **** 'em all

**** their fans, both big and small

**** 'em 'til they all turn blue

**** the Flying Elvis, too

**** that ****ing Belichick

That ****er really makes me sick

**** Tom Brady right to hell

While he's there, I'll **** Giselle

**** the Patsies.

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Thank you everyone. I wrote one for the Dolphins, years ago and the time seemed right for the Patsies. If I had done it AFTER the game, it would have been F**** the Jets."

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