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The Walking Dead Mafia GAME OVER TOWN WINS


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1. Do not quote any portion of any conversation I have had with you. This includes QT’s, PM’s, IM’s, smoke signals, text messages, laser lights, and any other form of communication.

2. Don’t discuss the game except on a designated QT or on the game thread.

3. You may vote for no lynch.

4. You may self vote

5. You may reveal your character and role, but no mass claims.

6. This game is based on the TV series. I have not read the comics. If anyone posts any spoilers from the comic, I will be very irritated and they will be modkilled, no exceptions.

7. Penalties for rule breaking besides rule 6 may range from a PR to a modkill.

8. I would prefer votes/unvotes in bold and red. If you can't do the red, make it bold and a larger font size if possible.

9. This is a hammer game. I stop counting votes at hammer.

10. My scenes aren’t awesome, but I will try my best. If you don’t like it, feel free to write additional scenes.

11. Amuse me.

12. The game is set at the beginning of season 2.

13. Don’t get bitten.

14. GFY

Player roster:

  1. Ishy, Daryl, town cop, NK'd Night 5

  2. 80, Glenn, town mason, killed Day 1

  3. Cindy, Carol, vanilla town, Lynched Day 1

  4. Pac, Maggie, town mason, Lynched Day 7

  5. Verbal, Andrea, town 4-shot Vig, NK'd Night 2

  6. Christine, Walker, Modkilled Day 6

  7. Leelou, Beth, vanilla town turned Walker, Lynched Day 8

  8. Lily, Walker, Lynched Day 4

  9. SMC, Patricia, vanilla town, NK'd night 3

  10. The Crusher, Hershel, doctor, NK'd Night 4

  11. Basel Gill, Walker, Lynched Day 3

  12. WWWWombat

  13. HessStation, Walker, Lynched Day 2

  14. AVM

  15. JiF

  16. Integrity28 (Ape)

  17. Naeann, Dale, vanilla town, Lynched Day 5

  18. HeavyFog

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Ready to dominate. I've got the role that best suits my scum hunting brilliance. The legacy will grow with this game, like usual. As long as scum doesnt kill me at night, you can all just ride Batman to victory.

First order of business, dont listen to a thing that stupid Ape says if you're town. He'll win yet another game for the scum team. And Batman aint having that, I'd prefer just killing him on day 1.

Vote Ape

Get the distraction away early.

I'm Batman

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Checking in.

Sorry, SakMod, but I can't do red on my work computer (the site features are disabled, so I'm sticking with regular bold)

Vote: Cindy

She's like the lady Brett, uppity newbie.

missed you, too.

have you tried [ color="red" ]

without the spaces?

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The funny thing is Sakaka was urged to write creative and/or thoughtful scenes for such a great theme and she agreed she would.

Maybe she thought we wouldn't notice?

Sooo want to ruin last nights episode.

I'm only done with S1. But whatever. It's zombies eating stuff. Carry on with your S2 talks. So far this game sux.

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