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The Walking Dead Mafia GAME OVER TOWN WINS

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OFFICiAL MOD WARNING There has been some speculation to the identity of Storm Fog. Because of JN's commitment to awesome "bigboy and sophisticated girl" mafia an investigation was done. Turn

A good segue into the funny sh*t my kid says: (Note - I swear on my life that the following is a true story, and not exaggerated in the slightest.) My wife brings my son to one of her pre

"Walker!!!!" Walker in the field!" yelled Rick. "Where's Carl? CARL!" screamed Lori. "I'll take care of it." said Daryl. He grabbed his crossbow and walked out into the field, loading a bolt as he wen

Where did I chastise players? It was actually your post that made me second guess myself. And **** it, she was getting lynched anyway. IMO it was for a greater good moment. She was going off the deep end....God bless her heart.

Gotcha. I read your "are you serious" post to me as scolding. Nevermind then

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Don't like some of the votes at the end there, but meh. Necessary lynch though, or else you have the symp discussion as a distraction all game.

Symp signals. From a second time player.

3rd time...but I get your point.

the internet. done in 3 mins so I can watch sports and play mafia instead.


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They opened an LA Fitness right up the road. Nice place. Tons of equipment, pools, spa's, racquetball and of course a BBall court and I cant miss indoors. Jax Beach is officially on notice. Was on fire tonight. Respect.

They are opening a new gym on base in January. Supposed to have all of that type of stuff in it. I'm rather pumped. They also have day care and stuff for people with kids, and a massage therapy area. Absolutely pumped.

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Hot mess.

She gives so much positive rep it was a matter of time before she got drunk and neg rep's the hell outta people. She is my bipolar sweetheart. Coolest thing to happen in mafia since Danx changed sex's to get engaged to JVOR.

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spams from beyond the grave... that was SIMD (GIYF) and I wish I could remember any of it... re-repping randomly to rebalance the universe.... and back in this... actually very comfy ground to watch... and plot revenge.

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