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The Walking Dead Mafia GAME OVER TOWN WINS


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Ishy, what is driving your confidence that Hess is a walker? Are you hinting cop?

Role fishing noted.

that would be impossible.

Yeah, right.

Trap sprung.


Vote: SMC

Hmmmm....might have to change my gut call. You're the symp. I

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Hmmmm. I nailed Wwwbgay doing this exact same thing once before. He was the mafia symp, tried to frame everyone else for signaling.

If there is a symp, wwwbgay is it.

Hess, Wwwbgay, and with my gut call on SMC.

I think AVM made his post that I thought was a symp signal (asking Lily not to bite him), then wombat swept in and accused someone else of being symp.

I have to re-check the sequence, but if AVM brought it up first - AVM might have been beckoning for a symp signal, and wombat delviered.

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that funny little bastard JiF is starting to pique my curiousity. I'll be happy to oust it from the game if no one wants to dispatch of the heavy.

I think the case on Basel is stupid and Wombat is stupid.

Impressed with Batman's skills? You should be.

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Official Day 2 Vote Count:

Basel (5) SMC, Leelou, Christine, AVM, Hess

Hess (4) JiF, Ishy, Crusher, Lily

Lily (1) Ape

HeavyFog (1) Pac

Pac (1) HeavyFog

SMC (1) Wombat,

Not Voting (3) - Verbal, Basel, Nae

With 16 alive it takes 9 to lynch.

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