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You win..or die.. (lighter note)

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This is really funny...


"He watched from the sidelines as the battle continued to unfold. He didn’t understand why he wasn’t out there with his men. The other inactive soldiers were being tended for fractures and head wounds. Mark was ready to get back to the front of the vanguard and march against the troops from the kingdom of Arizona, when Maester Ryan told to “sit his creampuff ass down.”

{I took the snap.}

Ryan had put another in his place instead, a young boy from house McElroy, in the south. A green boy, and a foreigner, Mark thought with spite. I’d seen two championship games before he’d flagged his first cabbie, I’d wager.

{I looked to hand to a runner. He should have been there, I swear it to be true. Yet he was not.}

Yet inexplicably, there were the patrons of the arena, a hundred thousand strong, roaring their approval for this unproven stranger. It was a familiar sound to Mark, and a warm sound, though he couldn’t recall the last time he’d heard it.

{Panic overtaking me, I took off for the goal line.}.. "

The rest is hilarious..it is actually two accounts or stories in one.. told simultaneously.

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IT is hilarious.. no matter which way you slice it..


The Holy One approached Mark and knelt beside him. He was out of the battle as well, a rib splintered, like Adam. Mark used to fear the Holy Man, but now he felt a kindred bond had grown between them, as though they shared a mutual loathing for the McElroy boy.

“Can you remember yet?” The Holy One asked him.

{No. That’s not it. No, he was one of mine. A New York man. I crashed into the buttocks of one of my own.}

“Not quite,” Mark conceded. “Though I believe it will come soon.”

The Holy One nodded. “Bingo night at my place Tuesday night. My niece is coming. Is that cool?”

“Yes. Yes, of course.”

{And the ball… it came lose…}

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