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JetNation – Week 14 Power Rankings

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Here’s the updated JetNation top ten power rankings:

10) Indianapolis Colts:

@Texans, @Chiefs and Texans.  Better win one of these!

9) Seattle Seahawks:

At least the Jets scored when they went to Seattle, even if it was the defense.

8) Baltimore Ravens:

Could actually lose the division with Broncos, Giants and @Bengals left.

7) Atlanta Falcons:

Playoff preview this week against #5 ranked Giants.

6) Denver Broncos:

12-4 or 13-3?

5) New York Giants:

Remember when RB David Wilson was benched in game one for fumbling?

4) Houston Texans:

Can they hold on to the #1 seed?

3) Green Bay Packers:

Beat Chicago Bears this week win the NFC North.

2) San Francisco 49ers:

Can the 49ers defense do what the Texans could not, stop the Patriots offense?

1) New England Patriots:

Play “The National Championship Game” Monday night against the #2 ranked 49ers, won the play-in game against the Texans.

Knocking on the Door:

  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Chicago Bears
  • New York Jets?

Fallen Out:

  • Chicago Bears

Tickets to the Super Bowl and Super Bowl performance by Beyonce





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