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Murder by Death Mafia (signups)


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What you did to set this whole thing up was pretty ****ing awesome bro. I had fun times in here. Not sure why you're so mad at Pac and/or me for teasing but it's cool.

not mad at you. Not even Pac. Just fed up with the bullsh*t here. People just can;t get along and play. Yet I would punch Pac in the face if we met. I would buy you a Bloody Mary and massage your feet.

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Retard I already signed back up. Take me off if you need room.

we're all one big, old married couple at this point. The honeymoons over, we don't even like each other, yet we just can't let go.*sighs and puts a blanket on Crusher while he's passed out on the couch, kisses his cheek* Edited by HessStation
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"Do you think they'll come, sir?"

"They'll come, all right. Here. Stamp those and mail them."

You have received a strange invitation in the mail from the eccentric and enigmatic multi-millionaire Lionel Twain. It seems he has invited you to his mansion for the weekend for a "dinner and a murder." Being one of the world's foremost detectives, your curiosity is piqued and you decide to attend. When you get there, you realize the other guests are also among the world's greatest investigative minds. What is Twain up to?


1. Leelou

2. Lily

3. Hess

4. Jetscode

5. JF80

6. Sakaea

7. Pac

8. Verbal

9. AVM




13. Ape

I like the names on this line up. Except one that starts with P and ends with an AC.

I'm in.

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