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Murder by Death Mafia (Game Thread)


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"Do you think they'll come, sir?"

"They'll come, all right. Here. Stamp those and mail them."

You have received a strange invitation in the mail from the eccentric and enigmatic multi-millionaire Lionel Twain. It seems he has invited you to his mansion for the weekend for a "dinner and a murder." Being one of the world's foremost detectives, your curiosity is piqued and you decide to attend. When you get there, you realize the other guests are also among the world's greatest investigative minds. What is Twain up to?



1. Leelou

2. Lily

3. Hess

4. Jetscode

5. JF80, Yetta, Mafia Roleblocker - lynched Day 2

6. Sakaea, Sidney Wang, Town Poison Disabler - killed Night 2

7. Pac, Lionel Twain, Mafia Bus Driver - lynched Day 1

8. Verbal

9. AVM

10. JiF, Dick Charleston, Town Insane Cop - killed Night 1


12. SMC

13. Ape

Rules and Information

1. No character claims or hints will be allowed.

2. Votes and unvotes must be bolded.

3. You must unvote before voting again.

4. No lynch and self votes are valid.

5. This is a hammer game. Once a majority of votes is reached on one player, that player will be lynched.

6. If you do not reach a majority by the deadline, there will be no lynch.

7. Talking about this game with anyone other than me in any place other than the game thread is prohibited unless your Role PM states otherwise.

8. Direct quoting of mod PMs (whether feigned or real) is prohibited. You may paraphrase.

9. I reserve the right to punish players who I feel are being detrimental to the game or are using tactics that are outside The Spirit of the Game™. Punishment may include but need not be limited to Modkill and/or withholding a Coroner's Report. Be active and don't break my rules and you will probably be ok.

10. I reserve the right to amend these rules whenever and however I want.

11. There will be some funky roles in this game that you may not have seen before.

12. This setup should be balanced but is also very unpredictable. Most importantly, I think it will be fun.

13. Any post restrictions will be given out randomly regardless of role and are meant solely for fun so don't read anything into them.

14. GFY™

15. Once you are dead, you can no longer post in the game thread outside of one "bah" post which cannot contain any game info or opinions.

Town Win Condition: You are town. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

Mafia Win Conidtion: You win when the mafia equal or outnumber the other remaining players.

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Welcome back.

BTW - that Boardwalk finale was ****ing epic. What a show. The way the set up next season too...look out!!!

Thanks. Yet the finale was epic...can't wait till next season...the main reason we went back to HBO.

The last 5 episodes or so were incredible from .... SPOILER ALERT ...

When Billie got blown up until the end. You watch those final episodes and you have no idea how everything is going to end up. You knew Nucky was going to live, but you had no idea about anyone else.

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