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A Xmas gift from JOJO.....


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this should warm the hearts of Jets fans this xmas eve! Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy!


Last we heard former Steelers, Dolphins, and Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter's name around these parts, Chris Kluwe was telling us he was "a frothing dingleberry." Now those bounty hunters at Busted Coveragehave caught up with Porter and found that things aren't goin' so great for him at present.

Porter was arrested in California on Friday night on a warrant for allegedly passing bad checks in Nevada. (In pre-60s parlance, that was called "hanging paper." I wish they still called it that.) The law held him without bail. And, according to the Kern County sheriff's website, Porter is, this morning, still in jail, with a projected release date of Wednesday, Dec. 26. One imagines this is a tough weekend to find judges. But Porter ought to look on the bright side: At least he didn't have to watch Steelers-Bengals.

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