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Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, E.J. Manuel and Ryan Nassib could hear their
names called earlier than expected at the 2013 NFL Draft, as
quarterbacks are expected to "fall like logs."


Quarterbacks typically
go earlier than expected in the NFL Draft -- and 2013 isn't going to be
an exception, according to one league executive. An NFL general manager
expects quarterbacks to "fall like logs" when the draft kicks off later
in April, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The anonymous general manager made his prediction even after the

Cardinals, Raiders and Bills made moves to acquire Carson Palmer,

Matt Flynn and Kevin Kolb.

The Jacksonville Jaguars
could be the first team to take a quarterback. The Jaguars hold the No.
2 overall pick in the draft, and have been linked to West Virginia
quarterback Geno Smith. In SB Nation's latest mock draft, the Jaguars

are indeed projected to take Smith with the No. 2 overall pick.

Smith is the only quarterback selected in the first round in SB Nation's

latest mock draft, but E.J. Manuel, Tyler Wilson, Matt Barkley and

Ryan Nassib are all projected to be second-round draft picks.

While some may be doubting the quality of this year's quarterback class,

Sports Illustrated's Peter King thinks the first round could see three QBs taken,

with Manuel and Nassib joining Smith:

I can't wait to see the Nassib

and Manuel shows. When I talk to teams leading up to the April 25 first

round, I keep hearing both Nassib and Manuel as late-first-round

prospects. Nassib in particular, and certainly more than Manuel.

The 2013 draft class doesn't
have a slam-dunk option at quarterback, but Smith is widely expected to
be the first quarterback drafted -- and even he has question marks
surrounding him. Without slam-dunk prospects, NFL teams could opt to
address other needs with first-round picks, and then gamble on a
quarterback in the second round -- which could cause a domino effect


> http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2013/4/8/4196892/2013-nfl-draft-quarterbacks-fall-rumors-adam-schefter

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Why not trade Suckchez for Gabbert?   Ok we will throw in a ticket to the Super Bowl in "our" stadium for the Jags owner.

THAT is the 8.5 million dollar question..    NO BODY WANTS Suckshez PERIOD..


This is going to be the LMAO year for the JETS because they will start Mark no matter what, they are stuck with him.


btw Kelly , Sanchez and Flynn both use the same BS to make themselves believe they can play...its called self delusion.

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THAT is the 8.5 million dollar question..    NO BODY WANTS Suckshez PERIOD..


This is going to be the LMAO year for the JETS because they will start Mark no matter what, they are stuck with him.


btw Kelly , Sanchez and Flynn both use the same BS to make themselves believe they can play...its called self delusion.





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Forget about the quarterback competition. Maybe there should be a quarterback-instructor competition ?

One week after Mark Sanchez's recently-hired coach, former NFL QB Jeff Garcia, unloaded on

Tim Tebow, Tebow's instructor responded Wednesday by taking shots at Sanchez and the Jets.

The Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez relationship could suffer after what's happened in recent days.

Hoo, boy.

Steve Clarkson, a private coach who has worked with many NFL
quarterbacks, conducted a conference call with reporters. He presented a
conspiracy theory, saying the Broncos traded Tebow to the Jets -- not
his hometown Jaguars -- because they knew he'd fail in New York.

"I think he was purposefully sent to New York," said Clarkson, via
the Newark Star-Ledger. "From the standpoint: you send him to a
situation where you have instability with your coach -- you don't know
if he's coming or going. You have a fragile-minded Mark Sanchez at
quarterback. You stick Tim Tebow in there and you kill two birds with
one stone. So if you're Denver, you've got to be thinking, 'We send him
to New York, we basically kill an opponent and, at the same time, Tim
Tebow doesn't come back to bite us in the proverbial butt, if you will,
because he's not going to make it out of there.'

"You send him to Jacksonville, all of a sudden he's got that fanbase
behind him and all of a sudden he's doing what he's done all his life,
that's win games. That would put a lot of ill-will towards your
organization. There's a lot of politics that go on with it. I think
Timmy was just unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Only one problem with Clarkson's take: It's revisionist history. As
Broncos VP John Elway has explained many times, Tebow was given the
choice between the Jets and the Jaguars.

Clarkson accused the Jets of undermining Tebow by now allowing him to

master the entire offense.

"I think in Tim's case, they walked him into New York and said,
'We've got four plays for you. You execute these four plays and that's
all you're going to get,'" Clarkson said. "Well, when you walk on the
field and that's all you practice, and you don't get any meaningful reps
and you walk into a game and basically the defense is telling your
offensive line basically where the ball is going to go, it's pretty
depressing and it doesn't give you much room for hope. I would hope
whoever, wherever he ends up that they give him an opportunity, and I
think if they do they'll be pleasantly surprised. I think the guy still
can play."

Of course he does.

Tebow and Clarkson trained for three days last month in Arizona.
Tebow dropped 12 pounds, according to Clarkson. He reported last year at
250, per the Jets' request, insisting it wouldn't slow him down. Well,
it did.

Clarkson also said he worked on Tebow's throwing mechanics and footwork.

He's confident Tebow is fixed. Oh, really ?

Garcia, hired by Sanchez to teach him the West Coast offense, made
national headlines last week with sharp criticism of Tebow. He said,
"Having Tebow there doesn't bring anything positive. It just brings
distraction. For Mark, the main competition is going to be David Garrard

and Greg McElroy."


> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/22351/tebow-qb-tutor-on-sanchez-fragile-minded

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Why wait, Jets ?  Play Geno Smith now


The Jets could follow the same path with Geno Smith that Miami took with Ryan

Tannehill in 2012.

Don't waste any time, New York Jets.

Start the Geno Smith era with Gang Green right now.

Do not wait until 2014. Do not even wait until Week 8 of the 2013

regular season. For the long-term betterment of the Jets organization,

Smith should be the starter in Week 1 and New York should never look


Why wait ?

What is the point in the Jets going another year with embattled quarterback Mark Sanchez ?

He represents New York's ugly past and is on borrowed time. The only

reason he's on the roster in the first place is his guaranteed $8.25

million salary this season. New York should make Sanchez an expensive

backup and keep it moving. Releasing Sanchez is another option,

although chances are slim because it would cost the Jets a $12.35

million cap hit this year and a $4.8 million cap hit next year.

But starting Sanchez should be out of the question. We already know

where the Sanchez train is going -- and it’s not anywhere good. It would

be bad for the Jets, bad for the fans and even bad for Sanchez, who

clearly is regressing and needs a fresh start in 2014. One bad game with

the Jets and New York fans will be ready to turn on Sanchez, and the

entire team, again. Remember "Tebow-mania" last year? Think "Geno-mania"

if New York doesn't learn from this mistake. The young, rebuilding Jets

would be doing themselves a favor to avoid this scenario.

Smith represents a much brighter future and a new era in New York.

He is the first quarterback pick for first-year general manager John

Idzik. The Jets showed this offseason they are forward-thinking and not

dwelling on the past. Look no further than New York's shrewd move to

trade star cornerback Darrelle Revis -- its most talented player --

and draft Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner. If the Jets can quickly

move on from “Revis Island,” they certainly can move on from

“The Sanchize.”

The Jets are not going to the playoffs, with or without Sanchez under

center. Their biggest goal for 2013 should be developing their young

quarterback for the future. That would be taking a page out of the

Miami Dolphins’ playbook of last season with Ryan Tannehill. A year

later, Miami is the biggest threat to the New England Patriots

atop the AFC East. The Jets can do the same if they play their cards

right and properly develop Smith, who wants to play immediately.

“I love to compete,” Smith said on a conference call with the New

York media. “Mark is a guy who I watched at USC, watched him in the NFL,

and I think highly of him. … [but] I’m coming in as a rookie and I’m

going to compete and I’m also going to accept my role, whatever it is.”

Sanchez has received more chances than any quarterback in the past

four years. Sanchez was expected to compete with 35-year-old David Garrard,

who hasn’t thrown a regular-season pass in two years. The Jets, for the

fifth consecutive season, were virtually handing Sanchez the job

again. But things changed when New York turned in its card Friday with

the 39th overall pick. Smith essentially fell into the Jets’ lap in the

second round after New York reportedly considered him with the No. 13

pick in the first round. The Jets also tried to trade up to start the

second round but couldn't. Everything worked out for the best.

Smith was the second quarterback taken, but nearly everyone --

sorry, Buffalo and EJ Manuel

-- rated him as the best quarterback in this draft. Smith certainly has

the fewest flaws and appears NFL-ready. It also doesn’t hurt that Smith

is coming to New York with a chip on his shoulder listen.png

after being passed over by every team with a first-round pick. Six more

passed on Smith again in the second round before the Jets ended his

rough draft outing.

There are some questions with Smith that the Jets must work through.

For example, he might have some composure and maturity issues, which he

showed during the draft by storming out of the green room Thursday

after being bypassed in the first round, then guaranteeing that the Jets will make the playoffs

Friday during an interview with the NFL Network. But Smith is young,

and, with the proper guidance, he can be taught how to handle things

better at the next level.

But what can't be taught is the physical tools and natural ability

Smith brings to the table. Smith has a good arm, good mobility, is very

competitive and fits in new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg's

West Coast scheme. That should be enough for the Jets to turn the page



“I’m excited to be a Jet,” Smith said. “My time has come now, so I’m going

to accept it.”

Sanchez had his turn in New York, and it's time to move on. Smith’s

time has just begun -- and the sooner the Jets hand him the football,

the better it will be for the entire organization.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/58177/why-wait-jets-play-geno-smith-now

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May need more chairs in QB room


The Jets have so many quarterbacks on the roster that it's easy to lose

track. On Friday night, GM John Idzik joked he may add one or two more.

The fanbase isn't laughing.

As a public service, we're here to provide a refresher. So let's run

down the depth chart, including the contract situation for each:

Mark Sanchez-- He's due a fully guaranteed base salary of $8.25 million, plus a

$500,000 workout bonus. The bonus is pro-rated daily, meaning he makes

approximately $12,500 every day he shows up for a workout. He's counting

$12.85 million on the cap. If they cut him with a June 1 designation,

which can be done at any time, the cap charge is $12.35 million, plus

another $4.8 million in 2014.

Geno Smith-- Welcome to the circus, kid. He will sign a four-year contract for

about $4.99 million (including $2.96 million guaranteed), based on what

the 39th pick in last year's draft (Rams CB Janoris Jenkins) received.

David Garrard -- He signed a one-year, $1.1 million contract last month,

including a $100,000 signing bonus.

Tim Tebow-- He has two years remaining on his contract, and there's a good

possibility he will be released. His current cap charge is $2.59

million. If the Jets cut him, they'd get stuck with a $1.53 million

charge -- the amount of money they will owe the Broncos, per last year's

trade agreement. Tebow's $1 million base salary isn't guaranteed.

Greg McElroy -- He's due to make $555,000, non-guaranteed.

Matt Simms -- He's due to make $405,000, non-guaranteed.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/22802/may-need-more-chairs-in-qb-room

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Which Jets QBs will stay; which will go ?


After Monday's release of Tim Tebow, the New York Jets have five quarterbacks on their

roster. Other than second-round draft pick Geno Smith, no quarterback on the roster is

guaranteed to be on the Week 1 roster.


nfl_e_genoss_cr_200.jpgGeno Smith has a shot at starting this season in New York.


So who in New York will stay and who will go ?

Let's examine odds for the remaining quarterbacks.

No. 1 : Geno Smith

Analysis: The Jets liked Smith so much in this

draft that they considered the former West Virginia quarterback with the

No. 13 overall pick in the first round. But New York took defensive

tackle Sheldon Richardson

instead. The Jets felt fortunate when Smith, widely regarded as the

best quarterback in this draft, fell in their lap at No. 39. He is now

the quarterback of the future and maybe the present. Although Smith’s

role in 2013 is yet to be determined, he will be on New York’s 53-man roster.

Odds of staying : 100 percent

No. 2: Mark Sanchez

Analysis: It’s been a rough year for Sanchez. In

March of 2012 he signed a $58.25 million contract extension with New

York and things quickly went downhill. Sanchez had an awful 2012

campaign and was benched late in the season. However, Sanchez’s contract

guarantees him $8.25 million this year. Cutting Sanchez would cost New

York the guaranteed salary and a $12.35 million cap hit. There have been

reports that the Jets are considering it, but I will believe it when I

see it. It’s cheaper to let Sanchez play out the year, either as a

starter or expensive backup. New York’s cap is too tight for the Jets to

take that kind of hit.

Odds of staying: 75 percent

No. 3: David Garrard


fan_g_dgartsin_200.jpgDavid Garrard hasn't played for two seasons but would be a solid veteran presence.



Garrard is a good fit for the Jets in a variety of ways. He has a lot

of experience playing in a West Coast offense and can be a veteran

leader for the group of quarterbacks on the field or from the sideline.

Garrard hasn’t thrown a regular-season pass in two years, but he does

have a chance to compete and should earn one of the three available

roster spots if he can stay healthy.

Odds of staying: 70 percent

No. 4: Greg McElroy

Analysis: McElroy is a popular player among Jets

fans. He’s smart and played winning football in college. But McElroy had

his chance to play for the Jets last year after Sanchez was benched and

didn't produce. McElroy is an OK option as a No. 3 quarterback, but the

Jets do not need that right now. Barring injuries to other Jets

quarterbacks, don't expect "Big Mac" to make the team.

Odds of staying: 15 percent

No. 5: Matt Simms

Analysis: Simms is the son of popular former New York Giants quarterback

Phil Simms. But mostly he's a camp body. With so many quarterbacks on the

roster, Simms has virtually no chance to make the Jets.

Odds of staying: Zero

Due to various reasons listed above, the three quarterbacks most

likely to stick with the Jets in September are Smith, Sanchez and

Garrard. That’s a competitive trio that the Jets would want to bring the

best out of each other this season.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/58289/which-new-york-jets-qbs-will-stay-which-will-go

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Looking Ahead to the Jets’ Quarterback Roulette


There were once three quarterbacks: the

uninspiring veteran, the free-agent addition and the recent draft pick.

They would all compete, team officials said, and compete they did until

the winner was selected.

The draft pick started. The free agent backed him up. And the veteran

was traded toward the end of training camp.

This situation unfolded last summer with the Seahawks, with Russell

Wilson outdueling Matt Flynn and incumbent Tarvaris Jackson to earn the

starting job. It could also very well unspool in a similar way with the

Jets, whose new general manager, John Idzik, watched it happen as a

member of Seattle’s front office.

Substitute Geno Smith for Wilson, David Garrard for Flynn (though at a

much cheaper cost) and Mark Sanchez for Jackson, and you have a pretty

reasonable comparison. It also could be a formula for Idzik and the Jets

as they navigate what should be an interesting quarterback competition

at training camp.

The Jets’ decision to draft Smith last week was an indictment of

Sanchez’s future. The team would not invest a second-round pick in Smith

if they envisioned Sanchez quarterbacking this team for the next five


Forget, for a second, about the awkwardness of Sanchez, a former No. 5

overall pick, hanging around his successor. From a purely financial

perspective, the Jets have no incentive to get rid of Sanchez anytime

soon. They owe him money if he’s on the roster or not: $8.25 million,

plus a $500,000 workout bonus that is prorated by the day. He counts a

fortune against the salary cap if he is released: $17.1 million for 2013

if cut before June 1, $12.8 million for 2013 and $4.3 million for 2014

if cut anytime after that date.

If the Jets hold onto Sanchez, they can wait to see if a trade market

develops for him during training camp and the preseason, if, say, a

team’s backup is hurt. It is also a safeguard in case Garrard, who has

not played in the N.F.L. the last two seasons because of injury, is


Idzik did a news media blitz on Tuesday and said on every show that

he expected Sanchez to be involved in the quarterback competition this

summer. Speaking on The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN Radio in New York,

Idzik said that Sanchez is “invigorated by all of this” and that there

is no grand plan to take the salary cap hit and release Sanchez.

“Unassuming as it may sound,” Idzik said, the plan “is just to let

him get out on the field — let all of our players get out on the field —

give them a forum in which to compete, and that will answer the


For argument’s sake, let’s say the Jets have a grand plan that

includes jettisoning Sanchez at some point this summer. They already

have a built-in justification for doing so: The Jets, at any time, can

say that Sanchez competed, but that they thought it was best for him,

and for the team, to start Garrard or Smith. That is, more or less, what

Seattle Coach Pete Carroll said last August after announcing Wilson as

the starter.

“It was a legitimate competition like we said from the beginning, and

with the opportunity that he’s taken advantage of, he deserves to

start,” Carroll said then.

In Seattle, the three candidates began training camp with ostensibly

equal chances, but it was fairly obvious that either Flynn, who had a

three-year deal worth $19.5 million (with $10 million guaranteed), or

Wilson would win the starting job.

In training camp, Jackson started out by taking the first-team reps,

but before long found himself alternating days with Flynn and Wilson.

Soon, Jackson was phased out, with the Seahawks giving longer looks to

Wilson and Flynn, who started the first two preseason games, with

Jackson never taking a snap. Carroll said that he needed to see more of

them because the team was already familiar with Jackson.

Wilson impressed the Seahawks at every turn, and last Aug. 26, two

days after performing well again in a preseason game in Kansas City,

Carroll revealed his choice. That same day, Seattle was deep into trade

negotiations to send Jackson to Buffalo.

Could Idzik follow that blueprint with Sanchez?

“I don’t think anyone would think a third-rounder would come in and

day one win the starting job,” Idzik, speaking of Wilson, told Lupica.

Then he shifted the focus back to the Jets. “But you just let it play

out. And in that way, it’s a meritocracy, and that’s what we’re going to

do here in New York.”


> http://fifthdown.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/30/looking-ahead-to-the-jets-quarterback-roulette/?ref=sports

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