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A bit wistful over the fall of a regime...


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What can you say in games like this? The Rex Ryan era, which started with so muh hope, two trips to the AFC title game, a head-scratching trade for Tim Tebow, and what we all thought was a young quarterback with so much upside potential, all comes to an end today. At least Rex, perhaps in a move of defiance, has given Mark Sanchez the dignity of one last NFL start, which will probably be his last n he NFL. Actually, today could very well be the last playing time Mark Sanchez ever gets inthe NFL.

I personally wih a one farewell (and offer my best wishes to the following):

Mark Sanchez - we all thought you'd get better, but you got progressively worse

Santonio Holmes - we hope you find a team that will make you the center of attention, even though you don't produce results - that is what you always wanted

Mike Tannenbaum - I'll be sure to visit your pizza parlor somewhere near the Hofstra campus

Calvin Pace and Bart Scott - I predict you end up in some Dilbert cartoon-like setting, where you get paid a lot of money for doing nothing, much like you do now

Shonn Greene - buy yourself a nice car, Shonn. For when your wife asks you to go out for some bread and milk, you'll need a car because God only knows you can't move beyond three yards on your own volition

Tim Tebow - God definitely owes you one after being traded to the Jets

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I remember not too long ago when Deadspin was making fun of Sanchizes poise.

Those were days to remember.


Mark Sanchez possesses a certain je ne sais quoi. So how to describe him, just two games into his NFL career? If only there were some hackneyed bit of praise that elevates competence into a kind of holy state ...

Clifton Brown, Sporting News:

Sanchez's poise. ...

USA Today headline:

... Sanchez's poise creates excitement for N.Y. Jets

Peter King, Sports Illustrated:

What made his performance more surprising was his poise.

Tom Pedulla, USA Today:

Extremely poised performer.

Boston Globe headline:

... showed poise

Shalise Manza Young, Providence Journal:

... continues to show poise.

Manish Mehta, Newark Star-Ledger:

... showing poise under fire.

RealScouts, Sporting News:

... showed a great deal of poise ...

Rich Cimini, New York Daily News:

... showed remarkable poise.

Patriots Insider:

... displayed a lot of poise ...

Aaron Wilson, National Football Post:

... displayed poise and touch ...

Greg Bishop, The New York Times:

... displayed poise rarely seen from rookie quarterbacks ...

Dave Hutchinson, Newark Star-Ledger:

Displaying the poise of a veteran ...

Barbara Barker, Newsday:

... displayed the poise of a veteran ...

Marcia C. Smith, Orange County Register, quoting wide receiver Chansi Stuckey:

... has poise, humility and can handle the pressure like a veteran.

Wallace Matthews, Newsday, quoting Joe Namath:

... has poise, but he's been playing football for a little while. He's supposed to have poise.

Mike Vaccaro, New York Post:

... precocious poise under pressure ...

Matt Bowen, National Football Post:

... looked poised and mature ...

Rich Cimini, New York Daily News, quoting Rex Ryan:

... clearly has that kind of poise and that awareness ...

Dave Hutchinson, Newark Star-Ledger:

... poise and a plan.

Michael Lombardi, National Football Post:

His poise, his command and most of all his leadership skills ...

Gary Myers, New York Daily News:

... has the arm, poise and charisma.

Jennifer Toland, Worcester Telegram:

... certainly has charisma and looks, and ... poise, presence and talent, too.

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