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Who do you want us to draft?

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Agreed, this is the only positive to Sanchez's extension. Otherwise they'd try to make a splash and overreach on whatever qb shoots up the draft board. Most likely Glennon.

Now I don't think they will.

Still think that Tyler WIlson is going to pass him. If not then I still think Wilson will be a better pro.

I wonder how confident I am about Dion Jordan's pass rushing skills...He's an excellent talent for this defense, but pass rushing is where the money is at. Glad he's made an impact play as a pass rusher so far, but I missed it.

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I hope the Jets trade down MULTIPLE times circa the 2009 Browns, but get more than the Browns did for the picks, and use the draft picks accumulated for this years AND next years draft wisely!

I wouldn't mind this either. Try to somehow get a 2014 1st round pick out of it somehow or other, even if that means trading our 1st down to a 2nd pick or something. We would then have 2 1st roun

Absolutely not. Think Sanchez but MORE frazzled in the pocket.

Now QB worth drafting in 1st other than Geno. So have to go with best available.




Now as far as QB goes I really think Landry Jones from Oklahoma is built for the NFL and would be great in 2nd round. I am a die hard Syracuse fan and just am not sure about Nassib

Im not sold on anyone.

Nassib has had a weird college career. Yet, quietly, a good one. From sitting out behind Paulus, followed by two losing seasons - He did play well this year in what really was a pro-style offense. Problem is if Rex stays around, he might be going back to playing a HS offense w the Jets. That being said, definitely wouldn't mind him in round 2 or 3.

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Landry Jones is also underrated. I wouldn't be stunned to see him have a better career than Bradford, who has to overcome injuries and Schottenheimer.

But he really pulled some Romos in big games...if he's available in the 3rd or 4th maybe...

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