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Don't worry guys: I got this.

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- Hire Brandon Hunt of the Steelers as the GM. Surprise Bill Polian hire as "special advisor."

- Lure Bill Cowher or Kirk Ferentz (preferably Ferentz) to the HC job. Or ossibly even just keep Rex.

- Whisenhunt as the OC.

- Pettine at DC.

- Cut Pace (resign to smaller deal), Scott, B. Moore, Slauson, E. Smith, other cuttables, Tebow, and Sanchez.

- Cromartie to the Steelers for a first and a 2014 1st.

- Harris to the Cardinals for a 4th.

- Pouha to the Rams for a 5th.

- McNabb out of forced reitrement for a year.

- Steve Jackson.

- Andre Smith on a "hey remember everyone he's fat" contract.

- Resign Keller for a good price.

- Antwan Barnes/Tavares Gooden on low commit deals.

- Byrd or Moore as a FA. //end scene on big money FA spenidng


9: Damontre Moore DE/OLB

17: Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas

2nd: Jonathan Cooper G

3rd: Larry Warford G

4th: Jesse Williams DT/NT

5th: Tyrann Matieu CB (can this even happen?) - Brandon McGee

5th: Branden Smith CB

6: Michael Williams TE

QB: McNabb, Wilson, McElroy

RB: Jackson, Powell, Lattimore

TE: Keller, Cumberland, Williams

WR: Holmes, Edwards, Kerley, Hill

OL: DBrick

OL: Cooper

OL: Mangold

OL: Jackson

OL: Smith

OL: Someone cheap

DE: Wilkerson, Coples, Moore

DT: Wilkerson, Coples, Ellis, Williams

LB: Moore, Pace, Davis, Barnes, Gooden

CB: Revis, Wilson, Matthieu/McGee, Smith, etc?

S: Moore/Byrd, Bell (cheap), Bush, Allan

How unrealistic are we looking here? Really really unrealistic? Potential to be a top 8 team?

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Did that just say that they were getting two 1st round draft picks from the Steelers?

Yeah, I went to clean my glasses when I read that one. Then I realized I don't wear glasses and that the OP probably just does a lot of drugs.. really good ones or really crappy ones.

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Seriously. I can't imagine McNabb, who had conditioning problems when he actually played, staying in shape to "come out of retirement". He'd weigh 275 coming into camp.

But if Moore's azz hits him, he don't go down....

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Iight then

Losing Slauson is a scary thought. Vlad as his replacement? Whoever our QB is, is going to get killed. Wayne Hunter style.

In that case keep Slauson, start Cooper, have Jackson as the 6th OL.

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Bloody brilliant...why not save all the churning...keep Rex/Sparano/Tebowie/Sanchez/McElroy...lose early and often...fire Rex and the sux...draft Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel in 2014. simpler.

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Donovan McNabb? In your hypothetical offseason was Jeff George already signed? What about Danny Wuerffel and the ball coach - not available?

Isn't there smaller differences between those guys? How are they the same?

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