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P.O.T.W. - 1.2.2013

The Gun Of Bavaria

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There were a lot of good ones to consider this week, but this one sort of sums up the ongoing media circus the Jets are running.


Posted Yesterday, 01:27 PM

Wikipedia said:

The 2012-2013 season was a difficult one for the Jets, as they finished with a record of 6-10. Despite an anemic passing offense and some key injuries, it is generally agreed that the primary culprit for the team's collapse was beat writer Manish Mehta, whose venomous stories--backed by quotes from anonymous "sources"--derailed the team's clear path to the Super Bowl and even caused some of the more disreputable elements of the fan base to do the unthinkable: question the genius of head coach Rex Ryan.

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Okay, I've mostly ignored it for the past couple weeks, but I think this "ilk" thing happened while I was off getting married... dare I ask to be filled in? Should I bother?

In separate incidents, Thor and PAC referred to "you and your ilk" in reference to negative posters. It stuck.

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