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Texans vs. Pats- I don't like either team


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Both these teams stink.

Pats offense always starts looking ordinary in the playoffs when teams are allowed to bump more. If anyone's boring, its New England.

Pats havent looked in sync all game.

yep. Pats very beatable too

Just wow. Epically clueless posts.

Care to reneg on these in hindsight?

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Pats run a boring offense. They dink and dunk all game.

Team was extremely beatable yesterday. Schaub is terrible. Shane Vereen come on.

41 points is BORING? Are you drunk? All they did was dink and dunk for 344 yards and 3 passing TDs? Just WOW.

And don't hate on Shane being able to come in with Woody out and do his job. That's what the Pats do under BB. Most Jets fans laughed when BB drafted 2 RBs in early rounds. Who's laughing now?

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