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Famous Jets Fans


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We get all the biggees :)

Captain Kangaroo jumped in to help


John Idzik has to be the only NFL general manager to receive a letter of recommendation from Captain Kangaroo.

Idzik was a ballboy of sorts at Jets training camp when his father, John, was offensive coordinator under Walt Michaels from 1977-79. It was there he befriended a Jets fan from Long Island named Bob Keeshan, who played the part of Captain Kangaroo on television as well as Clarabell the Clown on the Howdy Doody Show.

Keeshan’s daughter, Laurie, attended Dartmouth, and when he found out Idzik had applied there, he wrote to the school on the boy’s behalf.


Bob Keeshan

“Captain Kangaroo was a Jet fan,” Idzik’s mother Joyce told The Post. “He also was very fond of Dartmouth College, and he heard Johnny had applied there. He said, ‘I’m going to send you a letter of recommendation because my daughter went there.’ ”

Her son was accepted at Dartmouth. Asked what he told her about Captain Kangaroo, Joyce Idzik said, “He was a fun guy.” Apparently with some clout.

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i saw denzel washington on the jets sideline at a game once so i'm assuming he is a jets fan too

Rex probably just saw Remember the Titans and figured Denzel could bring the black and the Mexican players together the same way he brought those boys together in the movie. Great film, unfortunately Plax and Holmes thought that movie was mad gay. You have to remember Red is kind of an idiot. He brought in Joe Girardi to teach Sanchez how to slide.

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