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Early off-season mock and 53 man roster

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I am goin to start by only resigning DeVito and Jason Smith(after he is cut to save money). All other unrestricted free agents can leave. I am also not going to sign any other teams free agents as I am using 2013 to clear cap room and build a foundation. Plus I want as many picks as possible in 2014 incase we need to move up for a QB.

I would trade Revis for a 2nd in 2013, and a conditional 1st, 2nd or 3rd in 2014 depending on performance. Trade Cro for a mid to high 2nd or low 1st and a 7th. then trade Tebow, Sanchez and Homles for a 7th each. I would eat some of sanchez money. Trade the 9th overall down into the teens for an additional 3rd in 2013. I would try to trade guys like Scott, Pace, Pouha, Eric Smith for more 7's but I dont see us getting anything.

Draft 2013

1 - WR Cordarelle Patterson

2 - TE Tyler Eifert

2 - RB Eddie Lacy

2 - OG Larry Warford

3 - OLB Sean Porter

3 - FS TJ McDonald

4 - OLB Travardo Williams

5 - QB EJ Manuel

6 - WR Marquise Goodwin

7 - QB Sean Renfree

7 - OT John Wetzel

7 - C Graham Pocic

7 - SS Drew Frey

7 - DE Joe Kruger

My 53

QB - McElroy, Manuel, Renfree (Simms if Renfree is on IR from surgery)

RB - Lacy, Powell, McKnight

FB - Baker

TE - Eifert, Cumberland, (Rueland/Smith)

WR - Patterson, Kerley, Hill, White, Goodwin

OT - Brick, Howard, Smith, Wetzel

OG - Warford, Vlad, Schlauderaff

C - Mangold, Pocic

DE - Wilkerson, Coples, DeVito, Kruger

NT - Ellis, Harrison

OLB - Porter, Mcyntire, Sapp, Williams, Jaquies Smith

ILB - Harris, Davis, Bellore, Mauga

CB - Wilson, Lankster, Berry, Fletcher, Walls, Cliff Harris

FS - McDonald, Bush

SS - Allen, Jarrett, Frey

K - Folk

P - Malone

LS - Tripucka

Again, I am not expecting to win the super bowl let alone make the playoffs in 2013. But this would be a great start to bright future.

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1st off let me say I appreciate the effort, it's tough to do all that work.

I agree with the WR in 1. I don't think the Jets will be able to trade down and get Patterson. He's looking like a top 10 possibility, especially if he runs like people say he will run. His ceiling is actually 6 with CLE. Keenan Allen is a real possibility, he's supposedly perfect for the WCO.

Eddie Lacy I think will go in the 20s. I don't see him slipping to rd 2 after he dominated the BCS champ game. A team like the Bengals would be drooling if he made it there.

Eifert is a good player and they need a TE but i don't know about going TE that early. Other holes etc.

the secondary is absolutely decimated in your scenario, trading revis and Cro but not drafting a replacement? Also no Landry leaves the safeties looking awful, even with TJ.

Sean Porter is 6'3" 230 I don't know how that fits in the 3-4.

Marquise Goodwin is gonna run in the 4.3's and go top 100 easy (this guy finished 10th in Long Jump in London Olympics, he's a world class athlete, no way he drops to 6 with those skills).

Frey i think is gonna rise, he's a natural player at safety.

finally you are starting Greg McElroy? really? Is this just a blatant attempt to tank the season? He was actually worse than Mark, and I didn't think that was possible.

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i wasnt looking to fill all the holes this season, would spend 2014 mock working on QB and CB

Interesting how you worked that. Our two major needs in 2014 would be our current #1 need and strongest position. I appreciate the work, but I think that the QB situation you propose is unworkable. I'm with Bit - Sanchez > McElroy. Going from 32nd best QB to 51st is rough. Draft looks okay to me, but I haven't been keeping track. The trouble with mock drafts is that a "good" mock draft you pick first rounders in the 2nd.

Guys that I am sure will be in the mix that are here now and you don't mention include CB Isaiah Trufant - the job he did on Welker will keep him around IMO. They missed him in the 2nd game. WR Clyde Gates who is signed cheap through 2014 and looks gifted enough if an undisciplined route runner. He came from the Dolphins so he may have been a "Sparano find" but I think the kid certainly looked better than say Jordan White. Dennis Landholt - a T they kept on the active roster despite an alleged dislocated patella and kept on and off the practice squad all year. I'm not sure why they like him, but they will surely have him back in camp.

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as far as QB, I dont like any in this draft as a starter (outside of Renfree pre-injury). I am looking towoards 2014 and beyond with this draft. I traded the CB's because that is all we have to move and I feel when we are winning again they will be on there downside.

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then I would have to revise the plan. But what other QB could we get now? I dont see anyone.

flynn should be released... they are gonna keep mark rather than take a giant cap hit. we might not agree with it but that's what's probably gonna happen.

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but that kid K. long wow nobody got past him we need this guy and i think we can get him with our 2nd,he can play OT. or OG great player

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