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Cashman sats A-Rod could miss the whole year


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NEW YORK (AP) — Yankees general manager Brian Cashman says it's possible third baseman Alex Rodriguez could miss the entire season while recovering from hip surgery.

Cashman says ``there's no guarantees in this stuff'' that Rodriguez will be able to play this year.

The 37-year-old Rodriguez had surgery on his left hip last week. The team said the rehabilitation time was expected to be six months, which would sideline the star slugger until the All-Star break.

On Friday, Cashman said it was possible A-Rod could be out all year.

``Yeah,'' Cashman told WFAN radio. ``I think because (of) the serious nature of the surgery and the condition that he's trying to recover from, you know, there is that chance.''

``I can't say it's not possible that he won't be back,'' he said.

The Yankees signed free agent Kevin Youkilis during the offseason to play third base while Rodriguez is out.

Cashman said Rodriguez is doing everything ``in his power to put himself in the position to get back and be healthy and productive.''

``Best case scenario, yeah he should be back,'' Cashman said. ``Worst case scenario, he won't be back, or there might be something in between.''

A 14-time All-Star, Rodriguez hit .272 with 18 home runs and 57 RBIs in 122 games last year. The three-time AL MVP was benched in three of nine postseason games and pinch hit for in three others, batting just .120 (3 for 25) with no RBIs in the playoffs.

Rodriguez had surgery on Jan. 16 to repair a torn labrum and reshape a bone to alleviate an impingement. He has 647 career homers and is due $114 million over the next five years as part of his record $275 million, 10-year contract.

NOTES: RHP David Robertson and the Yankees reached a one-year deal, avoiding arbitration. The reliever had asked for $3.55 million and the team offered $2.85 million.

The Associated Press

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116 shy of the record.

Even if he could duplicate the 18 HRs he had last year for the remainder of his contract, he will come up short.

Now, he is going to miss half a season.

He needs an A-Rod revival to hit the record.

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and isn't MLB about to start testing for HGH soon?

bad news for A-rod :biggrin:

why did he put his surgery off until mid January again?? dumbass move.

Pre-rehab, make sure the hip is strengthened prior to doing the surgery, in hopes that recovery time is dimished post-op. You see it a lot now with some of these major surgeries.

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The longer ARod is out, the more enjoyable they are as a team to watch

i would easily agree if Kevin Pukefaceis wasn't his replacement

either way though i'd like to see A-rod done as a Yankee assumin he's no longer able to put up a .300/30 homer season

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There has never been a great player who is hated by his own fanbase as much as Arod is...

And? All the hate ARod gets has been brought on upon him by himself, through his performance on the field, his attitude, his social ineptness, his stupidity, his bad decision-making, and his cheating. This isn't some secret agenda, this is self-inflicted. No one else to blame. He's a POS.

By the way, ARod hasn't been a "great" player in quite some time now. He was once a compiler of huge numbers off of crappy to mediocre pitching. And now he can't even do that any more.

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