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Fantasy Baseball Keeper Dilemma

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In a 10-team fantasy baseball keeper league with my brother. Auction style. We get seven keepers. Already have six keepers picked out (Joey Votto - $35 / Andrew McCutchen - $22 / Giancarlo Stanton - $16 / Justin Upton - $23 / Clayton Kershaw - $28 / Gio Gonzalez - $22) but I need one more. Who would you keep with your last spot: Jose Altuve for $8 or Brett Lawrie for $20? I'm really on the fence.

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My view:

You'll probably get the same production out of each guy.

So, which is going to be harder to get? A top 10 3B or Top 10 2b? If you keep Lawrie, thats 12 less $$$ you have to spend on players. If you keep Altuve, you get those extra 12 $$$ that you can then spend on another 3b.

My belief is 2b dont get the respect they deserve and 3B are overhyped. You'll probably be better off keeping Lawrie and finding another 2b that probably will come cheap as Lawrie-like numbers will probably cost more than $20 this year.

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Thanks for the advice. I'm not really loving the market at either 2B or 3B for next year, and my league-mates are keeping a lot of the good options - Cano, Kipnis, Pedroia, Beltre, Headley, Longoria, Middlebrooks, Freese, Moustakas, and a few others are being kept. So both 2B and 3B kinda picked over. I think Lawrie is overrated (he won't flash the power he did in 2011) but I'm probably leaning his way over Altuve at the moment. Lawrie is exactly the type of guy that people would overpay for in an auction-keeper league, wheras I'd have a better chance of drafting Altuve for a reasonable amount if I let him back on the market. The question is, which pool would you rather shoot into?

3B to go after (If I keep Altuve):

- Miggy Cabrera

- David Wright

- Hanley Ramirez

- Aramis Ramirez

- Brett Lawrie

- Pablo Sandoval

- Todd Frazier

- Manny Machado

- Pedro Alvarez

- Martin Prado

2B to go after (if I keep Lawrie):

- Ian Kinsler

- Brandon Phillips

- Ben Zobrist

- Chase Utley

- Jose Altuve

- Aaron Hill

- Rickie Weeks

- Dan Uggla

- Neil Walker

- Danny Espinosa

... I think I like that prospective 3B market over the 2B market. Which gives me pause. And I really do like Altuve a lot. And he is cheaper than Lawrie. Hmmm ...

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