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Apparently the Jets interviewed Jim Harbaugh in 2009


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Never heard of a coaching hire that led to 6 playoff games in 2 straight years being referred to as "incompetent."

If that's the definition of incompetent then ya'll need to take a %&%&* look around the league at all the less than "incompetent" coaches running around, cause there's like 20 of them.

Jim Fassel went to the Super Bowl, then his team quit on him two years in a row.

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**** Jim Harbaugh. He's the only reason I couldn't care less about the Ravens winning; because I hate him as much as Ray Lewis. Blaming the refs for the loss after they don't give him a call for it at the end, after he was bitching and whining at them constantly the entire game for every little thing. That was more pathetic than anything I've seen Rex do. And that's saying something. They lost in part because him and his staff got outcoached. They basically had the win on a silver platter and f'd it up. And they would have gotten blown out if not for the blackout. He's no better than Rex. He just has a better team.

His brother on the other hand...

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