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Owners meetings perfect time to shop Revis


New York Jets owner Woody Johnson continues to push his somewhat confusing

company line on star cornerback Darrelle Revis."If somebody wants to make an offer,

for any of our players, we'd always listen. [but] we’re not actively beating the bushes,"

Johnson said Sunday at the NFL owners meetings.

What Johnson is really saying is he'd love to trade Revis for the right

price. However, the Jets don't want to give the public impression that
they’re actively shopping their best player.This rhetoric from the Jets is

getting old. They continue to try to play both sides of the fence with Revis.

New York wants to generate enough trade interest in Revis to get good

offers while not upsetting its best player.But if the Jets want to trade Revis,

the NFL owners meetings are the perfect time to shop the star cornerback.

Every team is in Arizona this week. It’s one-stop shopping to discuss business

face to face.

There are reports that the Jets have already been in trade talks with the

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers. Those talks could continue

this week and may even intensify.New York will probably lose Revis to free agency

next year because the team simply cannot afford him. It makes perfect sense to get
something for Revis now, especially since the Jets are not contenders and are rebuilding

under new general manager John Idzik.

This week the Jets would be wise to stop focusing on spin with Revis
and work diligently on finding the best trade to help the franchise
move forward.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/56413/owners-meetings-perfect-time-to-shop-revis


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~ ~  Tweet of the Week III

"Idzik : 'I expect Darrelle Revis to be a Jet.' Translation: 'No one's

giving us the picks we want or giving him the money he wants.' ''

-- @adbrandt, ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt.

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2. A HOLMES HAIRCUT: As expected, the Jets and Santonio Holmes

agreed on a restructured contract that will keep him with the team in

2013. The new deal hasn't been submitted yet, but you can bet his base

salary will be lower than the original $11 million. Chances are, they

saved about $2 million to $3 million by getting Holmes to re-work his

deal. They could've released him if he refused, but that would've been a

tough one to swallow. They owe him $7.5 million guaranteed and the cap

hit would've been $11.25 million.


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This week the Jets would be wise to stop focusing on spin with Revis

and work diligently on finding the best trade to help the franchise

move forward.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/56413/owners-meetings-perfect-time-to-shop-revis


Cmon Kelly, what are the jets supposed to say? "would like to chat but we have work to do trying to trade our best player.  I have already wasted 30 seconds by giving you that quote. gotta go"


They are going to say what all GMs/Owners say.  So and so is a member of the team.  Always been that way and always will be.

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Cmon Kelly, what are the jets supposed to say? "would like to chat but we have work to do trying to trade our best player.  I have already wasted 30 seconds by giving you that quote. gotta go"


They are going to say what all GMs/Owners say.  So and so is a member of the team.  Always been that way and always will be.


~ ~ here ya go...http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/mailbag/_/id/21416/21416


....he wrote the article, not me.





cheers ~ ~


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Quick thoughts on the Jets' signing of former Chargers OLB Antwan Barnes,

who landed a three-year, $4 million contract:

1. FILLS A NEED: The Jets have gaping holes at outside linebacker.

They cut Calvin Pace in a cap-related move and they're not planning

to re-sign Bryan Thomas, leaving Garrett McIntyre and Ricky Sapp.

Get the picture ? Barnes could compete for a starting job, but he's best
suited to a situational role as a pass rusher. He's done that his
entire career. This won't preclude the Jets from picking an outside
linebacker with the ninth overall pick, a decent possibility.

2. ANOTHER INJURED GUY: Barnes ended last season on
the Chargers' injured-reserve list. Detect a trend? New GM John Idzik
is signing players (at low cost) with injury histories. G Willie Colon

missed most of the last three seasons, DT Antonio Garay suffered

five season-ending injuries and QB David Garrard
missed the past two years with back and knee injuries. The Jets' five
free-agent signings played a combined total of only 43 games last
season. It's a risky way to do business, but Idzik isn't paying for
starting-caliber players here. He's trying to build depth. The only
addition likely to start is Colon -- if healthy.

3. QUARTERBACK HUNTER: Getting to the quarterback
isn't a foreign concept to Barnes, who has 23.5 career sacks in 78
games. His best year, not even close, was 2011. In 273 pass-rushing
opportunities in '11, he was credited with 11 sacks and 29 quarterback
hurries, according to ProFootballFocus.com. His numbers dropped way down
last seaosn -- 140, three and 10, respectively. Part of that decline
could be attributed to injuries; he also lost some playing time to No. 1
pick Melvin Ingram. Barnes played only 182 defensive snaps (17 percent) last season.

4. SCHEME FAMILIARITY: It should be an easy
transition for Barnes because he's familiar with the Rex Ryan system. He
played under Ryan and new defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman with the
Ravens. He knows them, they know him. That helps a lot.

5. SCOUT'S VIEW: Here is what an AFC scout had to
say about Barnes signing with the Jets: "He's an undersized edge-rusher
type. His base defensive position will be outside linebacker, but I
think he has more value in the sub than the base. I wouldn't hang my hat
on the guy as a starter. He's more of a contributor, but in their
situation, he may fall into it. I think if it's all lined up correctly,
he's in the sub package."


> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/21628/reaction-barnes-will-help-pass-rush

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Bucs fed up with Jets over Revis


08:07 AM ET 03.19 | The game of chicken between the Jets and Buccaneers

over Darrelle Revis may wind up running off the rails for Gang Green. The

Buccaneers are losing patience with the Jets, according to league sources,

over the teams' inability to strike a deal for the All-Pro cornerback. The

Buccaneershave told people around the league they may have to look at other

options at cornerback soon if they can't make a deal for Revis. "It's

amazing," a league source said. "The Jets are going to screw this

up." ... The two sides are in Arizona untiltomorrow at the NFL league

meetings, so it is possible they can getsomething hammered out this

week, but it appears the Jets might be running out of time with this suitor.


> http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/373853

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~ ~ Falling

The 2013 season could be a long one for the Jets. New York continued
its tough rebuild in free agency last week. The Jets lost starting
tailback Shonn Greene, tight end Dustin Keller and safeties LaRon Landry

and Yeremiah Bell to other teams. Backup Mike DeVito also signed with the

Kansas City Chiefs. The Jets tried to fill a few spots with small signings like

guard Willie Colon, linebacker Antwan Barnes and tailback Mike Goodson.
But New York can only afford to bargain hunt in free agency. The Jets
are losing talent faster than they are gaining it and are quickly
falling behind in the AFC East.


~ 3. Jets quarterback Tim Tebow:
After a much-hyped regular season, Tebow news has been relatively quiet
this offseason. But for some reason other football leagues have been
making headlines by encouraging Tebow to leave the NFL. First, it was
the CFL which expressed interest in Tebow. Now, it's the Arena Football
League. The Orlando Predators offered Tebow a spot on the team if he
can’t get a job in the NFL. A year ago Tebow was coming off a successful
playoff win with the Denver Broncos. This year, there are questions
about Tebow simply making an NFL roster. Tebow probably won’t get a
chance with the Jets. They are expected to release Tebow if they cannot
find a trade partner this offseason.

rest of above article :

> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/56470/afc-east-offseason-stock-watch-3

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~ ~ Key free agents : RB Mike Goodson, QB David Garrard,

OL Willie Colon, LB Antwan Barnes

Updated needs : QB, WR, S, TE, LB

Analysis : The cash-strapped Jets made several
cost-effective signings in free agency. But this team still has a long
way to go in order to become a contender. New York needs more talent at
quarterback, receiver, safety, tight end and linebacker. The Jets
plugged a couple holes at tailback and offensive line. Goodson is an
underrated signing. He fits New York’s quick-hitting, West Coast offense
well and has more home-run potential than former starter Shonn Greene.

Colon also is a quality veteran with a lot of winning experience with the

Pittsburgh Steelers. He should be an immediate starter. The Jets don't

have much cap room to plug these holes and must rely on a good draft.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/56715/updating-afc-east-needs-dolphins-jets

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Plenty of teams have plenty of cap room

 Free agency opened 15 days ago.  This year, the initial surge of cash was

more limited than ever, more than a few guys settled for one-year deals,

and plenty of other players are still waiting to get paid.

For some, the issue is cap space.  For many, it can’t be.  As of

Tuesday, March 26, 13 teams still had more than $10 million in spending

room for 2013, and five still had more than $20 million, per a source

with knowledge of the NFLPA’s calculation of remaining cap room.

Leading the way are the Bengals, who despite numerous re-signings

still have $28.9 million to spend.  The Browns come in a close second,

with $28.7 million.

The Bucs get the bronze for saving their gold, with $26.8 million. 

Also, the Jaguars have $26.6 million, and the Eagles have $26.3 million.

Others with eight figures include the Packers with $18.3 million, the

Bills with $16.8 million, the Dolphins with $15.7 million, the

Cardinals with $14.0 million, the supposedly spending-to-the-cap

Patriots with $13.4 million, the supposedly cap-strapped   :winking0001:  Jets  :winking0001:

with $13.0 million, the Colts with $11.7 million, and the Titans with $10.7


This year, teams are required to spend 89 percent of the unadjusted

cap.  But that number is determined at least for now on a four-year

rolling average, which essentially allows teams to pocket 44 percent of a

single year’s spending limit from 2013 through 2016.  Based on the

current cap numbers, some teams are well on their way to that number.


> http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/03/27/plenty-of-teams-have-plenty-of-cap-room/

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Idzik trims the salary-cap fat
March, 28, 2013
When GM John Idzik was hired two months ago, the Jets were close to $30
million over the 2013 salary cap. Now, according to the latest figures,
they're $13 million under the cap.It has been a painful process. They
cut several players,restructured two big contracts and watched as five
starters walked out the door in free agency. At the same time, Idzik
added five relatively inexpensive free agents.

As a result, the team's salary structure isn't as top-heavy as it
was before. In mid-February, the top-10 cap figures accounted for about
$105 million of the $123 million cap. That figure is down to $78.1
million. Here's the top 10 :

1. LB David Harris: $13 million

2. QB Mark Sanchez: $12.9 million

3. LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson: $10.7 million

4. C Nick Mangold: $9.1 million

5. CB Darrelle Revis: $9 million

6. WR Santonio Holmes: $9 million

7. CB Antonio Cromartie: $6.5 million

8. LB Calvin Pace: $3 million*

9. QB Tim Tebow: $2.6 million

10. NT Sione Po'uha: $2.3 million*

* No longer on the roster; this is a "dead" money charge.

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Revis deal could go down when Bucs are on the clock


It has been several weeks since it became clear that the most serious

(and possibly only) suitor for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revisis the Tampa

Bay Buccaneers, who apparently remain willing to pay Reviswhat he

wants on a long-term deal even as the cornerback market has disintegrated.

But a trade bogged down with the Jets wanting a package headlined by

the 13th overall pick in the 2013 draft and the Bucs hoping instead to

send a 2014 first-rounder that, if the team from Tampa has its way, will

be much lower than No. 13.

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune believes that, as the draft approaches,

talk of the trade going down “will heat up again.” Cummings writes that the

Bucs continue to refuse to part ways withtheir 2013 first-round pick “in part

because it’s too soon to know how this year’s draft will play out.”

That’s a great point.  A player the Bucs would have drafted with a

much higher pick could squirt through the first 12 selections, making

them more inclined to use it.  Conversely, there may be no one Tampa

really wants at No. 13, making a trade to the Jets more likely.That

would actually help the Jets, since getting the 13th pick after 12 have

been made would ensure that no one would try to leap past New

York and take the player the Jets would possibly be targeting at No. 13.

There’s a third path that could get the deal done, giving the Jets

the 2013 first-round pick G.M. John Idzik feels compelled to obtain. 

The Bucs could slide back from No. 13 if they aren’t thrilled with any

of the players available at that point, and then offer the lower pick to

the Jets.

The fact that the Bucs have yet to sign another cornerback, coupled

with the belief in league circles that ownership in Tampa wants Revis,

means that this deal isn’t dead, yet.  In the end, it could make for

some unexpected twists on the night of Thursday, April 25.


> http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/03/31/revis-deal-could-go-down-when-bucs-are-on-the-clock/

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Jets, Darrelle Revis past point of no return


Sometimes relationships reach a point where there is no going back. The

partnership is too fractured. Too much baggage and too many ill feelings

make things unworkable.

The New York Jets have reached that stage with four-time Pro Bowl

cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Under no circumstances should Revis be in a Jets uniform in Week 1.

Both sides are past the point of no return in their strained


The Jets began the offseason by keeping Revis in the dark. Then,

they said they weren't actively shopping Revis but were willing to

listen to offers for all players. This approach to trading Revis upset

their best player and pushed him farther down the Gang Green ledge.

"This hit home," Revis recently said in a video interview with Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson.

"This definitely hit home, especially being one of the best players out

there and come to find out you’re getting shopped. It really hits home.

But my main focus is it really doesn’t matter where I be at, I know

what I can do. I’m confident in what I do. . . . whether it be there

with the New York Jets or if it be with another team, I have to do what I

have to do and play ball.”

Revis certainly is not without blame. Both sides contributed over the

years to this impending split.

Revis has been all business with the Jets from the day he was

drafted in the first round in 2007. He's had three contract squabbles in

that span -- once as a rookie, and also in 2010 and 2012. Twice the

Jets reached a resolution with Revis. But last summer, perhaps tired of

this trend, they held firm and failed to renegotiate with Revis. Each

instance had to cause some level of strain on their business



It's apparently at a point now where Jets owner Woody Johnson has little

interest in going through another tough negotiation when Revis becomes

an unrestricted free agent in 2014. Revis, if healthy, could command an

average salary of $12 million to $15 million per year with his next

deal. The Jets would be hard-pressed to pay that kind of money to one

player, and would be better off getting an attractive package of draft

picks in a trade to rebuild the roster under first-year general manager

John Idzik. Revis is the only strong bargaining chip New York currently

has in the trade market.

Last season was an eye-opener for the Jets. Revis went down in Week 3 against the Miami Dolphins

with a season-ending knee injury. The defense was expected to fall

apart. Coach Rex Ryan had built his entire scheme around Revis’ ability

to shut down half of the field each week. However, Ryan proved again

that he is a very good defensive mind by keeping the Jets strong on that

side of the football.

Ryan masterfully adjusted his scheme without Revis, and the Jets

finished eighth in total defense in 2012. Most notably, they also were

second against the pass without Revis, allowing just 189.9 yards per

game. They allowed 201 passing yards per game in 2011, with Revis

playing a full season.

That is when it clicked for the Jets that no player is

irreplaceable, even Revis. Life without "Revis Island" on defense wasn't

so bad. Antonio Cromartie had another Pro Bowl season, and former 2008 first-round pick Kyle Wilson

was ready to step into the starting lineup. The Jets got plenty of

practice playing without Revis, and proved they still can be a top-10


Perhaps the biggest impact in trading Revis would be on Ryan. The

embattled Jets coach is entering his fifth season and a must-win year.

The Jets have missed the playoffs for two straight seasons, and he

probably has to end that streak this year to keep his job. Trading the

team's best player would make it more difficult on Ryan.

However, other than Ryan's job security, there is no reason for this

Revis-Jets marriage to continue. There are too many holes on this team

for New York to be a contender. If he stayed, Revis simply would be

wasting another year of his career with a Jets team headed nowhere, and

he would be unhappy in the process.

It’s going to be a long and difficult rebuilding process for the

Jets. But that process will move faster if the Jets stop holding on to

the past and step forward without Revis.



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Clarifying some money matters with Darrelle Revis:

Previously, it was believed the Jets were on the hook for the $1
million roster bonus he "earned" on March 17. Remember all the attention
it received that day, with stories about Revis collecting another $1
million from Woody Johnson's bank account? Turns out the Jets aren't
responsible for the $1 million if they trade him before the regular
season, according to sources. His new team (the Bucs?) would be required
to make that payment.

As a matter of fact, Revis' entire 2013 compensation ($3 million in
base salary, plus $3 million in three separate bonuses) would transfer
to his new team. That, of course, would minimize the cap hit for the
Jets, although not by much. If they trade him before June 1, the Jets
would have a $12 million cap charge in 2013. Previously, it was thought
to be $13 million. Right now, his cap number is $9 million.

There are only two ways in which the Jets would have to pay the $1 million

roster bonus: They retain Revis or they cut him.

In the big picture, the money isn't big enough to influence whether
he gets traded or not. The feeling here is that Revis will be dealt to
the Bucs before the draft. The Bucs are willing to offer first-, third-
and sixth-round picks, according to a Yahoo! Sports report, which quotes
unnamed sources saying the Bucs are becoming impatient.

In that respect, Jets GM John Idzik is playing his hand correctly.
Why would he trade Revis two weeks before the draft? He's probably
waiting to see if another suitor emerges, creating a bidding war. The
Bucs might be getting impatient, but they have no other viable
alternatives at cornerback.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/22061/jets-dont-owe-revis-a-dime-if

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It all came tumbling down for the Jets in 2012 as they turned in
their first losing season under Rex Ryan thanks to poor quarterback
play, injuries to two of their most talented players and the power of
the Buttfumble. There’s been a partial purge this offseason as General
Manager Mike Tannenbaum and several veteran defenders were cut loose and
any worthwhile free agent from last year’s team signed elsewhere.
Cornerback Darrelle Revis
may be the next to go and the draft will be the Jets’ first chance to
get started on building something out of the rubble left behind.

Quarterback : You can’t talk about the Jets’ needs and not put quarterback

front and center. Mark Sanchez’s inability to stop handing the ball to the other

team has left the team without a sturdy hand on the rudder of the offense and

neither David Garrard nor Greg McElroy offer much help as a better solution

for the future. Tim Tebow’s still on the roster as well, although his presence

remains as baffling as it has since the moment he first arrived in town.

The problem with taking a quarterback this year is that Rex Ryan is a
lame duck head coach and the team may be moving in a different
direction offensively if they wind up parting ways with Ryan after the
2013 season. While General Manager John Idzik will still be around, the
next coach might want something different than current offensive
coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. With this year’s class offering little in
the way of certainty at quarterback, it would be surprising to see the
Jets go that route in the first round when they have a need for talent
in every corner of the roster. Reaching for a franchise guy and missing
again would keep any rebuilding efforts from gaining much traction.

Pass Rusher : The Jets added a couple of players on the defensive

line in the last two years in Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples,

but they desperately need someone who can create pressure off the

edge. Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas are both gone, so outside

linebacker would seem to be the best place to find it even with Antwan Barnes
signed this offseason. Several candidates should be on the board when
the Jets make their selection, including Ziggy Ansah of BYU and Barkevious Mingo
of LSU, and grabbing one would put some teeth back into a defense that
has only been able to create pressure through smoke and mirrors

Wide Receiver/Tight End : Santonio Holmes was out for almost the

entire season and Dustin Keller was in and out of the lineup with injuries

all year, leaving Sanchez and McElroy to throw to a motley crew of

receivers. Jeremy Kerley is a useful slot piece and the Jets hope

Stephen Hill will blossom, but Keller’s gone and Holmes’ status will be

uncertain until he proves he can get back to previous levels. Tight end

is barren, but the Jets need to find guys who can make plays at both

spots and they probably can’t stop at one.

Safety: They lost LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell, both of whom

played fairly well on one-year deals in 2012. Dawan Landry
has been signed to help take his brother’s place, but the Jets could
really use a long-term solution to a spot that’s never been a strength
since Ryan came to town. T.J. McDonald of USC and Phillip Thomas

of Fresno State are a couple of guys who will be available after the

first day that could challenge for a starting job right away.

Offensive line: It’s hard to ground and pound when
your offensive line doesn’t do much pounding. The Jets have lost both of
their starting guards and Austin Howard wasn’t up to the task at right tackle,

leaving the Jets with plenty of room to improve. Willie Colon
will fill one of those spots, but the Jets still need to add younger
players and increase the overall talent level of a group that fell off
in 2012.


> http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/04/12/team-needs-new-york-jets-3/

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Analyzing the O: Help needed everywhere
The numbers resemble a zip code: 0, 9, 7, 7, 9. In reality, they represent the Jets' point
total in five games last season.


In an era of wide-open passing attacks and high-scoring shootouts,
the Jets trotted out a sorry offense that was reminiscent of the Rich
Kotite daze. Rex Ryan took some responsibility, claiming he failed to
establish an offensive identity, but the problem went beyond that.


in_u_mangoldn_200.jpgNick Mangold is one of the few players the Jets can count on offensively.

a talent issue. The Jets need playmakers and they need a quarterback
who can galvanize his supporting cast. They're lacking in so many areas
that it's easier to list their "haves" as opposed to their "needs." They
have a left tackle, D'Brickashaw Ferguson. They have a center, Nick Mangold.

Every other position has a question attached to it, creating almost an

expansion-team feel.

The Jets averaged only 4.6 yards per play, next-to-last in the
league. Statistically, it was one of the 10 worst offensive performances
in the NFL over the last five years.

As usual, it starts with the quarterback. Mark Sanchez
is part of the problem, no longer deemed part of the solution. Thing
is, it's not a quick-fix situation. Sanchez's burdensome contract,
coupled with a weak quarterback class, puts new GM John Idzik in a
quandary: Does he commit to a new quarterback of the future by drafting
one of the top prospects from the dinged-up Class of '13 or does he wait
until next year and ride out the storm with the Sanchez-David Garrard-Greg McElroy troika ?

Knowing Idzik, an executive in Seattle last year when the Seahawks found Russell Wilson
in the third round, he'll probably wait. One thing could change that:
If he feels strongly enough about one of the quarterbacks in the draft
and can convince owner Woody Johnson to eat most of Sanchez's $8.25
million guarantee (the likely precursor to any trade), then maybe Idzik
can start a new era at the position.

Geno Smith (West Virginia) could be available with the ninth pick, but we're not

talking about a sure thing in the Andrew Luck-Robert Griffin III category. You want

to be sure when you're picking a quarterback that high. The Jets like Ryan Nassib

(Syracuse), but he probably will be picked somewhere between No. 9 and No. 39,

their second-round choice.

The Jets should focus on upgrading the skill-position talent. Even
though their top three receivers return, they still need a home-run
threat for Marty Mornhinweg's West Coast offense. The top receivers are

Tavon Austin (West Virginia) and Cordarrelle Patterson
(Tennessee). The Jets' wideouts generated only 575
yards-after-the-catch, fourth-worst among receiving corps, according to
ESPN Stats & Information. They need a pass-catching tight end to
replace Dustin Keller and they could use a between-the-tackles runner to replace Shonn Greene.

Rome wasn't built in a day and the Jets' depleted offense can't be rebuilt in one draft.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/22232/analyzing-the-o-help-needed-everywhere

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