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***** Ghostbusters: Game Thread *****


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JiF (6): SMC, Nol, 80, Crusher, Hess, Smash

80 (2): Verbal, JiF

Verbal (2): Darthe, AVM

CTM (1): Pac

Nae (1): Lily

Wombat (1): Nae

With 15 playing, it takes 8 votes to slime!!!

The JiF train is a good place to look for scum, including JiF.

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I'm a townie with a vest.

Ot the phone but Hess has 2 dirty votes


Vote Hess



You didn't bold your vote. I cannot count it.















































**** you, I'm just kidding!!! 

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Not exactly the party I expected but I'll take it.

Town Pac would hessitate on the hammer and then get ninja'd. But scum Pac would also do the same. So this means that Pac is likely scum because he used color in the hammer vote. This means that JiF is town, unless hes scum and Pac was bussing a teammate. Or Jif is third party which means Pac is either town or scum. Either way, remember this post because Im exactly right.

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Final D1 - OFFICIAL Vote Count


JiF (8): SMC, Nol, 80, Crusher, Hess, Smash, Darthe, Pac

Verbal (1):  AVM 

80 (1): Verbal

Nae (1): Lily

Wombat (1): Nae

Hess (1): JIF


No vote (2): CTM, Wombat

With 15 playing, it takes 8 votes to slime!!!

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Ray is in the back room fidgeting with an old transistor radio.... through the static you can make out the lyrics "Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch..."



Egon exclaimed, "Wow! You guys the parahomo activity in here just went through the roof!"


Darthe and Pac had brought to the old fire station, now Ghostbusters HQ, a pottery wheel for some reason. Nobody understood why, but on this night Pac sat there alone... eyes closed, grinning from ear-to-ear, with both hands gently caressing the wet pillar of clay.... uuuuupppppp and doooowwwwnnnnn... he loved the way it felt in his hands... he loved the way it dripped between his fingers.


Venkman happened to walk by the rec room, where Pac was getting gay with the clay... looked in the room, was speechless.




JIF stood there in the middle of the room, bare chested, chiseled... tan, and he wept softly as he often does. He looked down at Pac longingly... then he sat down behind him, and spooned him while they together caressed the clay.





Not all ghosts are mischievous, some choose to haunt us with homo-eroticism. That was JIF. It has always been JIFs way even in death... as a ghost! For a moment Pac lost himself in the moment and was enthralled, perhaps this is why Pac finally showed up for this moment? He turned to face JIF, JIF's body glistened with sparkles and beams of rainbow glowed behind him...




Pac could not be contained, his head tilted back, closed his eyes and he began to squirt ectoplasmic goo all over JIF... on his face, up his nose, it rain down his bare chest... JIF - the ghost of Sam Wheat - vanilla, w/ 1-time vest has been slimed, and from this day forward will never haunt again!!!! 




Venkman was horrified... as were the rest of us.


Night actions are due to me via QT or PM by 5PM today.

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