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updated cap for jets


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Moving the money over to 2014 has no effect on Cromartie, from his release/cut/trade standpoint. Why? Because his cap savings remained unchanged at $9.5mil. Its just that he'll be counted much greater against the cap ($15 mil) than before ($10.8 mil). If anything, Jets have a huge incentive to release or trade him if they are really cap strapped, especially since they have now moved the $4.2mil of Cro's cap in to 2014.


I didn't think Jets were going to trade Revis this year either. But when you look at his contract, it seems like Tanny gave the contract intentionally with the idea of trading him in 2013 in mind. Because he would have counted for $9mil of dead money in 2014 if he had completed his contract. His net effect on salary would have been a hit of $3mil ($9mil dead money, minus $6mil of base salary of 2014 that got voided). His cap hit this year would be $3mil as well, same as it would be in 2014. So with a base of just $6mil, Jets would have a relatively easier time to trade him.


Im a Tanny fan. Yeah, he made some mistakes and gave out a few bad contracts, but he never overpaid for any of his players at the time. Sanchez extension was always looked upon as giving Sanchez an additional couple of mils, but it bought the Jets three extra cheap years from a QB that went for 30+ TDs in 2011. We always knew it would be a 2 yr deal at the minimum. We didn't overpay for Holmes at the time. He was looked upon as an elite WR when he entered FA in 2011.


Even now, Jets aren't in such a bad shape with $15mil of cap space in the pocket and a chance of getting an additional $10mil via couple more restructures. Its not the ideal situation, but its not terrible either. He plays the cap, but he just wasn't a great talent evaluator. We all knew that the moment he took over the office. Its not like he cheated his way to the GM spot.


You like Tannenbaum?  Where have you been?  We've been fighting that fight on our own.  I think he did a good job, but got fired for not doing a great one.  I didn't like the Holmes signing because it was too much money and I didn't like Holmes, but I fully agreed with keeping him over Braylon.  I didn't like the Harris deal because I think he is grossly overrated around here.  A good player being paid like a great one. I didn't have a big problem with the Sanchez deal, but obviously it has not worked out well.  


I know that it doesn't make it physically more difficult to cut Cromartie, but I think having him on the books @$15M won't be an incentive to cut him. I think they will be bothered more by the dead money, but obviously it will depend on how he plays.  

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Tannenbaum's biggest flop was assembling & spending heavy for a team that could realistically compete for a SB...and then handing the QB job to a rookie with 16 college starts.  And incidentally, said rookie sucks.  He sucks us out of playoff contention in 2011 and is rewarded with a nice extension that locks us into his suck for 2 more years.


Harris was an abomination and an exact example of overpaying for one of our own players.  Same with Sanchez.  Same with Wayne Hunter who was inexplicably given a guarantee for the 2012 season after a pretty horrible 2011 performance.  Stupid luck that Austin Howard appeared out of nowhere to only be mediocre instead of awful.


Pace was not worth the contract he was given.


Scott was not worth the contract he was given.


The Sanchez extension was just unforgivable and stupid.  An extension and a raise for a lousy QB.


There's plenty more of this.


If he was going to bring in Mangini to force-feed us into a strict 3-4 defense he had to give him a better and more appropriate nose tackle than Dewayne Robertson.


He traded up for higher picks and for other teams' players with expiring contracts way, way too much.  It's been outlined here plenty (the number of picks surrendered to move up or for veteran players in need of new mega-contracts). I like doing it sometimes when there's a player you just have to have.  But sometimes you have to play it cool and let the draft come to you.  Also need to trade down sometimes to offset the picks traded away.  And we're seeing the result of that neglect right now.  It'll be ok, but this season could be pretty ugly and some fans are going to be cursing this offseason.


I didn't like him extending Schottenheimer after the 2010 season.


I didn't like him panicking with Favre's comeback and thereby moving up to hand the team to Sanchez.  I will, however, grant him that on the trade itself - what we gave up to move up to #5 - was great value.  But in using our #1 and #2 (and a few players) he doubled-down on the 3-for-1 thing by then using our 4th and 7th to move up 15 slots for Greene.  We ended up with Sanchez (and his very expensive rookie contract) and Greene for our first 4 draft picks plus another plus 3 players.  That draft, on the heels of the Gholston pick, killed what realistically could have been a superbowl or two.


No one likes Revis with his holdout garbage, but the truth is the first holdout was all on Tannenbaum. And in the end we didn't even get anything for it because Revis held out for a new contract (that he got) after his 4th year anyway.  It probably made the negotiation only more difficult because of the stunt Tannenbaum pulled with Revis the summer of his rookie season.  No one forces a pick outside the top-10 (particularly a non-QB) into a 6-year deal. And in the end we paid him more than we would have with a regular 5-year deal and the contract, that 6th year would have been for $15M or something, and in the end we didn't even get 5 years out of the deal.  Just unnecessary while trying to look clever, and he (we) ended up looking the exact opposite.


I liked Tannenbaum for a while, but he just seemed like a douchebag and as time went on I grew to dislike him as our GM.  I'm glad we've moved on.  Will Idzik be any better? Time will tell. But again, it was time to move on.

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