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In retrospect.....


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I will admit, I thought Mangini deserved another year at the time, however I also was fine with his firing.


Looking at where we sit today, in retrospect, I truly believe we would have been better off letting Mangini try to take this team to the next level in 09, with the team and system he built.


Looking at it now, what we really did was hire the anti-Mangini, and it gave a spark, which along with a lot of luck led to 2 very good years.


The problem is that usually when you hire a new coach, you setup a 3-5 year plan, which usually includes finding a QB.


The Jets really did this ass backwards. They brought in the new coach, brought in the new QB, kept the same OC, brought in some high priced guys over the next 2 years, and mortgaged the future for a very small, very unlikely window, given the very young, very inexperienced QB.


Here we sit after 4 seasons, and we are now in what looks to be that complete rebuild mode. We have no QB, no playmakers on offense, we appear to be trading our best player (which I am all for rather than getting nothing or paying top tier QB $$ to a CB).


So now after 4 years, Rex is allowed to rebuild. As much as I cannot stand that moron, I actually think he is better suited for being the underdog and in rebuilding mode than he is on top.


The problem is, this team is either a lot of luck (stumbling upon a QB) or several years away from realistically being a competitive team again.


Can we give Rex 3 more years? Objectively, this season cannot be purely about wins and losses, you have to look at what he does with a lot of young and unknown players, to see if you think he is the guy to rebuild with.


NY is not a patient place, Jet fans are not patient, it is most likely inevitable that Rex will be gone either next year or the year after, barring a lot of luck.


So then we will start the process over yet again, new coach, possible rebuild............


I personally am willing to be patient, if it means properly building up the franchise to be a perennial contender, but at some point we have to do it the right way.


It would have been better for the Jets, and Rex, had he been brought in for 10 instead of 09, and been allowed to truly rebuild, rather than try to win now, Mangini should have been given 09 IMO.

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