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What player in the NFL Draft do you feel will be a huge steal?


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I have a question, the draft is always important to football teams. I am trying to find out which players are must have players and would be considered steals?  I would like to know what you guys think, since we need a DT, I think Brandon Williams would be a steal.  Check out this list on NFLDraftZone.com 


They came out with an Elite Eleven list. I would love to see us hit on every pick, but that might be a pipe dream. 




This Brandon Williams could be a great replacement for Devito, what do you guys think?


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Stopped reading that article after Elam.  Dont most have him going in the late 1st, early 2nd?  I wouldnt consider that a "steal".


If you want to talk steals with Florida, its going to be Mike Gilislee.  I've been pumping his name as a later round answer to the RB position in the draft forum.  Truly see that kid as a viable starting option.  I could see him working with in this system because of his vision, quick burst, hits the hole hard, ability to catch out the back field and ability block in the backfield.  He diced up some of the best SEC D's last year and I think has all the making of an NFL RB. 


Teams that dont want to spend high picks on RB's, IMO, can get him in the mid rounds and truly get a steal.

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