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How does JN think Revis situation will end?


What is outcome of Revis situation  

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  1. 1. What will Revis end up doing?

    • Revis gets traded before draft
    • Revis gets traded after draft but before season starts
    • Revis gets traded after season starts but before October trade deadline
    • Revis plays just 2013 for Jets but becomes a Free Agent after season
    • Revis signs a new Jets contract and remains a Jet

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I don't see how this trade will get done.  Even if there was a team willing to give the Jets what they want unless they offer Highest paid defensive player I don't see him signing anything this season making a trade all but impossible.  Next year he will walk and I don't think the Jets will be able keep him (and I don't think Revis will get as much as he thinks he can).  He is just a CB after all and is easily neutralized with multi receiver/tight end sets.

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If he is not on the Jets next year, he will be the best defensive player in football, and the Jets will have gotten totally ripped offf for him.


If he is on the Jets, he will be an overrated corner, in which the Jets totally over paid for.



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revis wants to be UFA


he will spoil any trade with crazy demands, and not sign with jets


and of course he will pull a hammy and miss 6 games


I know its a risk, but the jets have already made him wealthy, so he can take it

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