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***Official JN Mock Draft SELECTION Thread***


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I'm hearing jets could trades down in the 1st Rd's now. Most likely with the 49ers. I would be asking for the 2nd and a 4th or a 5th rd's picks in this drafts and a 1st and a 3rd in 2014 drafts. 9th pick OLB,Barkevious Mingo 13th pick a trades to the 49ers. Jets get 31th pick CB,D.J Hayden or CB, Trufant. Rd's 34th pick TE,Zach Ertz, 39th pick OG Larry Warford/RB,Gio Bernard/RB,Jonathon Franklin.


New guy.

Do you know what a "mock" is?

Have you tried reading the first post of this thread to see what it's all about?

Your ideas are, neat. But they belong in another thread.

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IrishJets39, on 26 Apr 2013 - 22:21, said:

I sure do know what a mock drafts is a$$hole. I have 1 of my pick right Dee, Milliner and I had my trade right with the Saints Jets traded a 4th Rd pick for RB, Chris Ivory. Jets still a TE.and WR.

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This wasn't pinned when the mock was actually happening, but it's pinned now?  Awesome.  Whoever did this, tell me so I can rep you and have your name tattooed on T0m Shane's shoulder.


Wait, was it always pinned?  I guess I never clicked on the forum, just "new posts"   Still cool to have it pinned to hear how we are assholes!

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