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NFL Schedule 2013 Discussion Thread (Merged)

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The thought of Mark Sanchez trying to complete passes to Stephen Hill running routes against Darrelle Revis gives me a hard on. The perfect epitaph to the Tannenbaum Era.

Cause watching Hill fake an injury to avoid being embarrassed is hilarious? 

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Cause watching Hill fake an injury to avoid being embarrassed is hilarious?

The whole thing is hilarious. You'd have the awful draft pick QB with the awful contract trying to complete a pass to the awful draft pick wide receiver being defended by the best player to ever suit up for the Jets organization who is no longer on the Jets because the idiot CPA running the team last year played chicken with Revis and got chewed up.

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at Patriots


at Titans

2-2 is very possible in the first four. The Bills will suck, as will Tennessee. The Pats game will be a bloodbath, but the Bucs should be a tight game.

at Atlanta



at Bengals

This is a meat grinder right here. Maybe they trip up the Bengals, but 0-4 is to be expected.


at Bills

at Ravens


The Dolphins should be improved, but that game is a toss-up, and they should nip the Bills. The Saints and Ravens games will make you wish you were never born.


at Panthers


at Dolphins

This is the stretch where Rookie QB Guy gets his feet wet and takes all the snaps. Yay, DysertNassibManuelWilson!

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Look at these last 5 games:

12/1 Mia

12/8 Oak

12/15 at Car

12/22 Cle

12/29 at Mia

Baltimore is the only 2012 playoff team they see after the bye. Hell, the only team who finished over .500 in 2012.

Do you think Interim Head Coach Mornhinweg can get Zac Dysert ready in time to sweep those games?

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Do you think Interim Head Coach Mornhinweg can get Zac Dysert ready in time to sweep those games?


 That is just priceless!!! Bravo Sir!!!!  Jets will be lucky to go 6-10 with that schedule. I think 2-7 at the buy week is reasonable. Seriously thinking of giving up Sunday ticket this season.

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The NFL released the schedule and the NY Jets schedule appears below.  They open the season at home against Tampa and then travel to New England for a week two match up against the Patriots.

JetNation will be running a road trip or two this year.  Information will be posted as soon as the trip details are finalized.  Be sure to check our New York Jets Road Trip page for details.

Be sure to visit the Jets Nation forum for the latest Jets news.  Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


2013 New York Jets Schedule


8/9           Friday             at Detroit                     7:30 p.m.        WCBS

8/17         Saturday        Jacksonville               7:30 p.m.        WCBS

8/24         Saturday        at NY Giants              7:00 p.m.        WNBC

8/29         Thursday        Philadelphia               7:00 p.m.        WCBS

Regular Season

9/8           Sunday           Tampa Bay                1:00 p.m.            FOX

9/12         Thursday        at New England         8:25 p.m.          NFLN

9/22         Sunday           Buffalo                        4:25 p.m.            CBS

9/29         Sunday           at Tennessee            4:05 p.m.            CBS

10/7         Monday          at Atlanta                    8:40 p.m.         ESPN

10/13       Sunday           Pittsburgh                   1:00 p.m.            CBS

10/20       Sunday           New England             1:00 p.m.            CBS

10/27       Sunday           at Cincinnati               4:05 p.m.            CBS

11/3         Sunday           New Orleans              1:00 p.m.            FOX


11/17       Sunday           at Buffalo                   1:00 p.m.*           CBS

11/24       Sunday           at Baltimore                1:00 p.m.*           CBS

12/1         Sunday           Miami                          1:00 p.m.*           CBS

12/8         Sunday           Oakland                      1:00 p.m.*           CBS

12/15       Sunday           at Carolina                 4:05 p.m.*           CBS

12/22       Sunday           Cleveland                   1:00 p.m.*           CBS

12/29       Sunday           at Miami                      1:00 p.m.*           CBS

*Subject to NFL Flex Schedule

Tell us what you think about the

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Ok here are the pros and cons of this schedule :




1. JETS fans do no expect a thing this season. This is usually when the JETS shine.

2. Bye in Week 10 almost in the middle of the season is great. Get a week to rest and recover.

3. Not a very tough schedule.




1.  Its like Goddell wanted to stick it to the JETS on behalf of his fave team. We have a tough 5 games going into the bye and after the bye we have two road games.

2.  Monday night at Falcons. The Falcons were 7-1 last season at home and Monday night there crowds will be charged up.




If things do not change drastically between now (pre-draft) and the start of the season, this is the type of schedule that will give a lot of JETS fans wet dreams of a Top 5 pick in the 2014 draft by Week 13 only to see it shattered when the JETS win a few games against weaker opponents and finish 5-11 or 6-10!

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