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"Familiarize yourselves with Jarvis Jones"

Gastineau Lives

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Austin Howard was fine last season, he doesn't need to be replaced right now. Wilson is mediocre but I've been over a million times with you why the Jets shouldn't draft another CB.




Joeckel isn't a RT so the jets shouldn't be drafting him. Fisher is. Austin Howard is a league average starter, Wilson is terrible. They aren't the same and shouldn't be lumped together.

you were right the second time.

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Drafting a legitimate #1 or #2 receiver would kick Kerley into the slot, where he would be as (if not more) effective as he was in the #2 role last year.  Pairing that with a much improved Stephen Hill would be a trio worth fielding.  Yes, we need a TE and can draft one anywhere in the top-4 rounds and be improved at the position. 


Drafting Tavon Austin vs. trading down and allowing someone else to draft him is a question of net worth. 


I believe the net worth of two picks is better than the net worth of one Austin.  In your example we would just allocate another draft pick to a later round TE.  That's fine, I really don't care when we address the position, but the extra pick can be used to benefit the team. 

I totally see your point. I happen to like the idea of Austin in Green and White so much that I'd be willing to eschew the extra pick this year and wait til next year's draft (and free agency) where we'll have both a good number of picks and a ton more cap space, just to get him on the team.

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a couple months ago I thought exactly like you


now I'm all about Tavon (and Eifert)


Think about what an opposing defensive coordinator has to game plan when he faces the current Jets. Not much. Drafting a guard or Jarvis Jones doesn't change the fact that the offense is a joke. 


Now think about what this coach has to consider with Tavon Austin in the mix. The kid is a threat to take it to the house on any touch. It's scary to face a player like that. Even as a decoy they have to account for him.


If Stephen Hill can progress they would be a speedy dangerous duo. 


I prefer Jones at 9 and Warmack at 13 and here's why.  Defensive coordinator will have less trouble game planning v.s. Austin than v.s. Warmack.  I see Colon and Warmack road-grading huge holes for Ivory to run through.  We'll have Vlad the road-grader as backup so this scheme should work all season long.  OTOH with Austin we still need a QB to get him the ball and how likely is that to happen?      

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