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****NY Jets Superbo...Errr, 1st Round Draft Selection Gameday Thread****


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Is Coples a lot more of a player than we think? He did an excellent job last year but only inside. G Dude has great quick hands. But from the outside he didn't have the same impact. 


o figure he flourished inside and UNC and sucked outside at DE.


That said, I guess Rex thinks he can come off the edge. 


If they play a 43 Richardson and Mo are inside


In a 34 they're all DEs(5T) unless Coples is about to go into another mode of beast we've yet to see. 


Pressure up the middle/stop the run.  Couldnt get either this season.  I think Richardson helps that, big time.  He's a really solid prospect.  I question how he fits, but I really dont doubt Rex on D.  I just dont. 

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I don't like the picks, but it seems they were going BPA regardless and I guess I have to respect that.  They've hit on Wilk and Coples, maybe they can make it the trifecta.  I still really dislike our selections, but if this was indeed BPA and not REx, then I can live with it.

Agreed. The offensive skill players seemed to be weak at the top of the draft after Tavon Austin. I did want Eifert but I'm glad they didn't reach for offense. Our defensive line is going to be one of the best in the league if Richardson pans out. I'm hoping we go more offense in the later rounds, but we'll see.

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