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The next HC of the NYJ

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The next HC of the NYJ, hired immediately after Rex Ryan is fired the day after a disastrous 2013 season will be an offensive minded head coach.


He will inherit a decent defense that he will only need to put the proper coordinator in charge  to re-plan from existing schemes and root out any remaining Rex holdovers.


The new offensive coach will build his offense and choose his players around offensive players that fit his style.


This is what we are left with because of Woody's penny pinching, and seemingly stupid decision to retain Rex. The plan is unchanged from that moment of allowing Rex to care-take a defense that can be passed on, and then have the $$$$ and flexibility for the next coach to build his offense.


Awkward, but it is what the Jets are today.

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Agreed. I like Rex but the guy thinks its only about the defense. If you don't score points on Offense you will lose consistently. We need a new QB, new WR, new RB, new TE. The current O will be scoring maybe 3-10 pts a game. That means we win 1-4 games. This season will not get any better unless we start assembling better O SKILL players.

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Is Woody selling the team or dieing during the 2013 season? Why would Rex get fired? The only way I see Rex stepping down is if he gets tired of coaching and wants to move to the personnel side of things full time like a Bill Parcells

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Im afraid it is much worse than Woody penny pinching.


I am afraid that he actually thinks Rex is a good coach, or, he likes the attention Rex gets the Jets, and wants to keep him.


I hope it's cheapness, this way at least we can get a real coach after next year.

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I like the way you changed the spelling of his name.  I'll think I will use that from now on.


Spelling it the right way is just to exhausting, what with checking where the "h" is supposed to go and all.


Good idea.  :thumbup:

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