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Jets Eyeing Second Round QBs (merged)

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Does that preclude them picking a QB in the 1st round next year?


Here is the scenario:


Jets use BPA and see that Geno is there at 39. They say BPA...and take Geno.


Geno is the 3rd QB on the roster for the Jets as Garrard starts, Sanchez is the backup and Geno learns.


The Jets go 4-12 and earn the 4th pick in the draft. Does picking Geno in the second stop the Jets from picking a QB in the 1st round of 2014's draft?



I'd say no. You can sink a 1st round draft pick into the QB if he is a bonafide franchise qb coming out. Remember the Jets Drafted Kellen Clemens in the 2nd round and he was a backup. SO personally, I do not believe that Drafting Geno stops the Jets from drafting a qb in next year's draft..

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It's all implied.

Now, you are just confirming it.   Other than offensive linemen, there were 5 offensive players drafted yesterday. We picked 2 guys that were 1.) highly graded, 2.) great value in their draft spots,

What would be your reaction to this: "With the 33rd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select... Matt Barkley, quarterback, USC."

According to a source of mine that's in the know...... The NY Jets have informed Geno Smith to not go home and are prepared to take the West Virginia QB with the 39th pick if he is still there.



You have heard It here first... Lots of speculation but now we have concrete inside information..





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NFL.com's Gil Brandt reports the Eagles (No. 35) and Jets (No. 39) are
expected to take quarterbacks with their second-round picks, and that three QBs
are likely to come off the board between picks 33-39.

The Jaguars are reportedly leaning toward a defensive back at
No. 33, but every other QB-needy team selecting in the second round's first 10
picks appears to be thinking quarterback. It's almost certainly why West
Virginia QB Geno Smith canceled his plans to bolt New York after going undrafted
on Thursday evening. The New York Daily News expects the Jets to take a "good,
hard look" at Smith, but the Philadelphia Inquirer isn't getting the Smith
"vibe" for the Eagles.
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Well I would love it if it happens. I think this is the first time we agree Toon.



Lol yep that's true.... I think we all agree we need a new QB... Just everyone's opinion differs on who that should be... I don't want another USC QB.... I don't want The Qb from Syracuse Nasib after they were comparing him to Pennington last night... Smart QB a lil undersized and not a strong arm...

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Lol yep that's true.... I think we all agree we need a new QB... Just everyone's opinion differs on who that should be... I don't want another USC QB.... I don't want The Qb from Syracuse Nasib after they were comparing him to Pennington last night... Smart QB a lil undersized and not a strong arm...


I agree. Plus a great way to compensate for lack of offensive talent is to plug in a QB who doubles as a playmaker. lol

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W2W4: Jets mull Geno, Nassib

April, 26, 2013
Apr 26



By Rich Cimini | ESPNNewYork.com

The Jets have two picks Friday night -- seventh pick in the second round (39th overall) and the 10th pick in the third (72nd overall). The draft resumes at 6:30 p.m. Top storylines:

1. QB or not to QB?: On Thursday night, the Jets had their pick of any quarterback in the draft -- twice -- and they passed. But now the drama builds once again. They own the seventh pick in the second round and there are three high-profile passers still on the board -- Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley. John Idzik & Co. will discuss it, a source said, but I'd be surprised if they pull the trigger.

If you pick a quarterback at 39, you're basically anointing him a future starter. That would be a mistake for the Jets. Three reasons: They have too many other needs; they have an $8.25 million guarantee invested in Mark Sanchez; and it doesn't make sense because of Rex Ryan's tenuous situation as head coach. If Idzik decides not to extend Ryan's contract after the season, he'd be saddling the next coach with somebody else's quarterback.

That said, the Jets did a lot of homework on Smith and Nassib. In fact, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg dined with them as their respective pro days. Mornhinweg and two scouts return from Smith's pro day "raving" about him, a source said. The OC also believes Nassib would be a good fit in his West Coast offense. In fact, the Jets have been in touch with him as recently as this week. But consider this question: Why did the Bills' Doug Marrone, who coached Nassib at Syracuse and is running a West Coast-style offense, pass on Nassib in favor of EJ Manuel?

As for Smith, he received criticism for saying Thursday night that he wasn't planning to return Friday to Radio City Music Hall for the second round. There was word Friday morning that he had a change of heart (no doubt, on the advice of his agent), but his initial decision rubbed people the wrong way. Said one personnel director: "Geno Smith saying he's not coming back to the green room ... he doesn't handle adversity as well as you want."

2. Help the offense: After ignoring their moribund offense in the first round, the Jets need help on the dark side of the ball. Let's face it, they have pressing needs at tight end and guard. They also could use a wide receiver and, perhaps a running back. The top offensive players on the board: TE Zack Ertz (Stanford), WR Robert Woods (USC), WR Justin Hunter (Tennessee), WR Keenan Allen (Cal) and OT Menelik Watson (Florida State). In the third round, TE Travis Kelce (Cincinnati) and G Travis Warford (Kentucky) are possibilities.

3. Ivory tower: If the Jets want to pull the trigger on a trade for Saints RB Chris Ivory, now is the time to do it. They're looking for another back -- ideally, a bigger-type back -- and there could be some possibilities in the second round. From what I hear, they aren't too high on Montee Ball (Wisconsin). Eddie Lacy (Alabama) could be there at 39, which would present an interesting situation. I don't think the Jets are head over heels in love with him (some work-ethic questions), but they have a high regard for his raw talent. After losing Shonn Greene, they still don't have a clear-cut No. 1 back.

4. You da Manti: Notre Dame LB Manti Te'o could slip to the Jets at 39. Could they? Would they? Not a chance. It would be a bad pick on every level. They don't need an inside linebacker, he'd be a bad scheme fit and he'd be an unnecessary distraction.

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Such a manish-type copout.  It's like saying Hey Andrew Luck, you better come to Radio City, we'll totally draft you if you're available.  This would be news if the Jets had the first pick in the second round, but since he's unlikely to be available at our pick, it's just a copout.

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The Jets' need help on the offensive side of the ball, but going after a quarterback is stupid? Okkkk Rich.  I'll buy not drafting him, becuase he isn't good, but not drafting him because of Sanchez is the dumbest reason one could give. If anything, Sanchez is the reason you should draft another quarterback.

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Based on past outcomes, methinks you're giving the Jets way too much credit here.

nah, wishful thinking. No trade ups, please.

Sit tight, and let the draft come to us. There's too much talent left to trade away picks; unless the trade bait is a non-pick. Tebow to Jax?

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Why again am I a fan of this team? Here we go again!

Want to give Idzik the benefit of doubt, but it is just so damn difficult!


You dont think they should take a chance on Geno in 2nd round? I dunno man. Worth the risk at this point. Is he really worse than what we currently have? And if he is then so what...we're def not worse off.

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