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Unfounded Rumor: Tim Tebow being blackballed by NFL


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Not that I enjoy agreeing with Florio, but he's totally correct.  Anyone bringing him in would be doing so for him to be the backup.  In that backup role, arguably every one of the QBs on the list Gastineau Lives compiled are better than Tebow, in addition to their lack of media distraction.  A backup QB works with receivers to get them practice time catching the ball, and if he is that far off on his throws in practice - which he apparently was doing both in Denver and Florham Park - then he's killing valuable practices and makes the receivers' jobs more difficult and slows their development.


However if we're talking about a starting job for an extended period of time (more than half a season), I could see going with Tebow over a number of those guys even though I only skimmed the list for a half a second.  


In live action is where his intangibles are valuable.  In practice a guy with great intangibles and little else is an enormous waste of everybody's time, including the coaches who have to teach him how to play as a conventional QB for practices, which he has seemed incapable of doing.


Think the Jets players don't know how bad Sanchez is? Of course they do. With all his goofiness and podium talk to the contrary and his creepy tattoo I'm sure Rex does as well.  But they were behind Sanchez because they see a bunch of footballs in practice land on the turf nowhere near their intended targets.  I'll at least throw Sanchez that bone, that even his off-target throws tend to land near the target area.  Being off by 2-3 yards means the pass is barely incomplete or it requires a circus catch that prevents additional YAC.  Being off by 5-10 yards means nothing is being practiced except the center-to-QB snap.

The more I look at it, the more I agree with both you AND Slats about him being a sh*tty back up QB to have in that you would have to change the offense to fit him to a large extent. It would have to be a season ending injury to, or total ineffectiveness by, your starter. I think in that situation, trading percentage points in accuracy is mitigated by his ability to make plays with is his legs and his leadership abilities, not completely but enough to win you games, which is all you'd be asking from a backup. I highly doubt Drew Stanton or David Carr or anyone on that list could have helped turn the Broncos around like Tebow did in what was essentially his rookie season.


I  also, still do feel that he would be on someone's roster if he didn't have the Chautauqua-tent atmosphere surrounding him. I could be wrong, but that's the sense that I get.


God, I'm tired of talking about Tim Tebow.

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I'd be a little shocked if he doesn't end up in a Patriots uniform at some point. Josh McDaniels is there, Brady is too old to run sneaks at the goal line, and Belichick would love to disgrace the Jets by letting Timmy score TDs against us. That's really a perfect situation for both parties.


Yep, and because of Ryan Mallett he wouldn't be the backup QB.  Plus if anyone can convince Tebow to switch positions its probably Belichick.

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Of course, his best current offer is to compete for a backup job in the CFL.


Being smart is understanding how to utilize what you have..i.e. Broncos'...being brilliant is somehow finding a way to make something out of nothing...Rex and the Jets are neither (at this point in time proof of not having a game plan for Tebow).....maybe we will see otherwise come August-September with Geno and Sanchez.

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