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Cimini's latest story on Mike Goodson appears to be incorrect -- according to an update from ESPN

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UPDATE (6:40 p.m.): The Houston woman, Ashlee Wilson, contacted ESPNNewYork.com four hours after the story was posted, claiming she never gave attorney Glenn Lilly authorization to file the suit. Wilson said she has no plans to sue Goodson for child support, adding: "We don't need a lawyer to settle it." She said she doesn't want to create any additional problems for Goodson with the Jets. Wilson also claimed no one, including Goodson, convinced her to drop the suit. Lilly, reached late Saturday, said he received "oral authorization" from Wilson to file the suit in court.

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Cimini might well be that, but all he said in his article is that Goodson is being slapped with a lawsuit, and the woman admitted that she gave oral permission to the lawyer to file the lawsuit.


Then, a few hours after she sees the report, she said she changed her mind and told the lawyer she didn't want him to file the lawsuit after all.


I'm no journalism scholar, but at least in this case, Cimini isn't to blame.



Of course, Cimini still sucks for bringing up Goodson's "legal issues" on paternity etc and trying to tie them to his weapons charge.

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Someone should run a background check on Cimini...someone who is that big of an a$$hole can't have a totally clean past.


Are you suggesting maybe he filed a paternity suit of his own in the past?

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